Why?! Why Another Wrestling Match Blog? O_o

I find that I enjoy wrestling matches more when I watch them so that I can write about them. That’s what this blog is for. My first goal: to review all of the matches on RudoReels’ YouTube channel. After that…the world!

You can read some of my better reviews at http://freewrestling.wordpress.com. Search for “Reed Benson.” You can also read me write about wrestling in the form of letters at http://wrestlingbytheletter.tumblr.com.

This site is named after Dave Prazak’s favorite line while he was commentating for IWA Mid-South. Those were the good ol’ days.

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Twitter: @Hookthelegman

Tumblr: Hook the Leg, Man

Twitter (non-wrestling): @Dedwyre

Tumblr (Life in China): Expatriate Act

Letterboxd: Reed Benson

Goodreads: Reed Benson


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