RudoReelsdotcom YouTube Series: Bruiser Brody vs. Terry Funk from AJPW 1981

A match that gets crazy and has to be thrown out! No, seriously!

Everybody loves Bruiser Brody! Everybody loves Terry Funk! This is just a match full of love!

Seriously, though, guess who’s going to bleed first.

There’s not much to this match. It’s a pretty slow brawl with a backbreaker submission hold in the middle. Funk bleeds from overhand chops by Brody. He gets manhandled for a while, then fights back with his classic left hand punches. Brody cuts him off and works him over again, but he comes back and hits a piledriver. When he goes for another one, he gets backdropped and lands on the referee, taking him out.

Funk and Brody brawl outside for a bit, and some crazy-haired guy I don’t recognize attacks Funk. Funk takes him into the ring and does the spinning toe hold, but Brody comes in and attacks with his chain. Then the two wildmen chain Funk’s leg to the ropes and stomp on it. Dory Funk Jr. finally runs out and tries to save his brother. He can’t stand up to the numbers game, but the referee comes to and throws the match out, signalling all the wrestlers in jackets outside to run in and break up the fight.

This isn’t the kind of match I usually like to watch. Too slow, no stakes, no finish. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Next up: A CMLL show featuring two guys who would go on to become WWE cast-offs!

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