RudoReelsdotcom YouTube Series: Mexican Clash Volume 4 Part 1

Dark Angel before TNA and WWE!

Match #1: Dark Angel, Luna Magica, & India Sioux vs. Amapola, Princesa Sugehit, & Hiroka

What is the deal with Princesa Sugehit’s name? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wrestler with more spellings of their name than her. Is it Sugehit? Sujei? Sugey? Make up your mind! I don’t think it helps that whoever does the title cards for CMLL sometimes seems to be illiterate (Author’s note: It took me several tries to spell that word correctly, so that’s what I get.)

This match is a bit of a mess by my standards, but most lucha¬†matches from Mexico are. They start with a good in-match storyline where Sugehit refuses to get into the ring with Dark Angel, who seems to have a beef with her. The other two combinations happen, and Angel and Sugehit finally get in each others’ faces. Then the other two rudas attack Angel from behind.

If I were booking this match, I would have Sugehit take advantage for a short time, then bail at the first sign of Angel fighting back. Then I would maybe do a similar spot a little later, and ultimately build to the moment when Angel gets Sugehit alone in the ring with nowhere to go.

In this match, Dark Angel gets Sugehit outside the ring and brawls with her in pretty short order. A missed opportunity, I feel, but it’s obvious they had some other story to tell.

To me, this match is really Dark Angel vs. Princesa Sugehit with four other girls padding out the match so the two main attractions can save some stuff for another day. The base of the match is Dark Angel employing some ruda tactics by going after Princesa Sugehit’s mask. This comes back to bite her at the finish. While the other two technicas have the other two rudas in submission holds and the referees are distracted, Sugehit removes her mask and throws it to Angel, then falls and covers her face. One referee turns around and, seeing Angel holding the mask, disqualifies the technicas and awards the match to Sugehit’s team.

For some reason, this match is only one fall. Most CMLL matches are best-of-three.

Dark Angel is good, but I feel like I never get to see her at her best. Most of the matches I’ve seen are trios matches where she either doesn’t get to go all-out or, like this one, she’s involved in a feud where she doesn’t want to wrestle, just brawl. I’d rather see her wrestle for once.

India Sioux impressed me. She had energy and did some cool headscissors and lucha stuff. No one else left much of an impression.

I wouldn’t recommend this match. There’s tons of lucha out there; spend your time on the great stuff and the laughably bad stuff. This was just mediocre.

Next up: Alberto del Rio en mascarado!

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