Wrestling Playlists

There’s a website I love and write for called Free Pro Wrestling whose goal it is to compile as many officially posted wrestling matches as they can on YouTube for fans to enjoy and promotions to promote. I recently decided I wanted to do a similar thing, gathering all the matches I could find for specific wrestlers, promotions, and themes, and plugging them chronologically into categorized playlists.

Now that I have my own wrestling review site, why not share these playlists with the world? Here’s what I have so far:

AWA (A couple official AWA compilation tapes posted to WWE’s channel.)

Everybody Loves Tomoaki Honma! (Or so I hear.)

Free & Legal: Best of the Super Juniors/ Super J Cup (New Japan’s two big junior tournaments. Unfortunately, I think some of the finals are omitted, but I got everything I could find on the New Japan channel.)

Free & Legal: Candice LeRae (Only women’s matches. Sorry if you like intergender stuff, but I don’t.)

Free & Legal: Chikara (Hat tip to The Chikara Special. This is all the Chikara matches as well as all the matches with Chikara stars in other promotions that I could find. A very big playlist.)

Free & Legal: Eddie Guerrero (Includes WWE, WCW, ECW, and indies.)

Free & Legal: Jushin Thunder Liger (My favorite Japanese wrestler ever.)

Free & Legal: Karl Anderson (I liked him best with Giant Bernard.)

Free & Legal: La Sombra (Mostly New Japan stuff; one CMLL match.)

Free & Legal: Luchadores in Japan (Besides La Sombra. There’s Ultimo Guerrero, Mistico, Mascara Dorada, etc.)

Free & Legal: Michael Elgin (More than ROH stuff.)

Free & Legal: Prince/Fergal Devitt (A lot of his career is covered.)

Free & Legal: Ricochet/Prince Puma (Split between the two gimmicks. Also, Helios.)

Free & Legal: Ring of Honor (Second biggest playlist. Also probably the hardest to compile as far as putting everything in order.)

Free & Legal: Ring of Honor TV (Just full TV episodes that ROH posted.)

Free & Legal: Roderick Strong (Best wrestler in the world?)

Free & Legal: Silver Ant (Masked) (Only Silver Ant/Green Ant matches where he’s wearing his mask.)

Free & Legal: Silver Ant (Unmasked) (All Silver Ant/Green Ant matches, including ones where he wrestles without his mask under a different name. If you don’t want to know his secret identity, don’t watch this one!)

Free & Legal: The Young Bucks (Best tag team in the world?)

Free & Legal: Zack Sabre Jr. (Maybe my favorite British wrestler.)

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