RudoReelsdotcom YouTube Series: Mexican Clash Volume 4 Part 2

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Alberto del Rio – before the cars!

Match #2: Dos Caras Jr., Brazo de Plata, & el Hijo del Lizmark vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, & Olympico

Dos Caras Jr., of course, is now known as Alberto el Patron, ex-del Rio. Brazo de Plata used to be Super Porky. His whole gimmick now is that he’s quite fat and thinks he’s sexy.

As usual, this is best-of-three falls. You either have to pin the team captain or both of the non-captains to pick up a fall.

Brazo’s blown up pretty early. His splash is kind of cute because he’s so round that he rolls. Dos Caras is fired up. No one does anything interesting until Lizmark performs a spinnerooni and a Booker T. superkick to Bucanero. After some slapstick comedy with Brazo, including him throwing his crotch into all three rudos lined up in the corner. Caras gets the first fall with a German suplex on Guerrero after botching a press slam or something. Nothing much so far.

The second periodĀ opens with everyone brawling on the floor. The rudos get Brazo alone in the ring and beat him up. Dos Caras comes in, but they overwhelm him with a few boring moves. You know, you watch Lucha for its spectacle, and then you get weak flapjacks that look like things kids would do in a swimming pool. There’s a weird part where Guerrero looks like he’s going to powerbomb Bucanero, but he’s really just helping him superplex Lizmark. Finally, the rudos get Lizmark and Dos Caras in the middle of the ring and tear off their masks for the DQ.

What a waste of time and talent. I hope this led to something, because I got nothing. This show is 50% chaff so far.

Mistico is next, so maybe things are looking up. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hurt his thumb…

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