RudoReelsdotcom YouTube Series: Mexican Clash Volume 4 Part 4

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Match #4: Atlantis vs. el Hijo del Perro Aguayo for the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship

They trade arm holds for a little bit, and the Perro starts beating on Atlantis. Mostly punches and kicks, nothing compelling. He also tears at Atlantis’ mask, keeping with the theme of the show. Eventually, Perro gets the pin after a duplex and a running double stomp.

Fall two opens with Perro sending Atlantis onto the ramp way and beating him towards the entrance. The referee gets in his face. When they get back into the ring, Atlantis fights back with a fury. Still mostly punches and kicks. Atlantis gets the second fall with La Atlantida, a modified torture rack.

When the third fall starts, Perro complains about his right side (below the ribs), so Atlantis attacks it and uses submissions that target it. We get a half crab, a Mexican surfboard, stuff like that. Perro fights back a little, but Atlantis has control most of the time. Pedro takes a bump to the outside and Atlantis hits a tope for the first dive of the match. Perro eventually gets to hit a running La Silla from the apron to the floor. The match just kind of stops while the seconds at ringside brawl. In the ring, Perro seems to think that this is enough of a distraction for him to kick Atlantis low, but the ref still sees him and awards the match to Atlantis.

Maybe I just don’t get Lucha, but this match was so clunky. There were no good transitions, nothing flowed to the next thing. They just attacked and then let the other guy attack. And then the crap finish, as if we didn’t have enough of those on this show.

This whole Mexican Clash vol. 4 was such a waste. Don’t bother. Go watch Lucha Underground again or something. I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m ready for something else.

What’s next? Goldberg in Japan? Fine, bring it on.

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