RudoReelsdotcom YouTube Series: Koriki Choshu Tag Team Match

Beer Gut.

Before I watched, I was thinking it would be pretty funny. I used to browse message boards back in the day, and one particular board featured some fans of Koriki Choshu, a Riki Choshu impersonator who did comedy wrestling. I’ve seen Japanese comedy matches before, and they can be hit or miss, probably because I don’t know Japanese and can’t get most of the jokes.

The match is quite odd. Koriki Choshu is tagging with a dude with silvery hair and an orange band around his torso against a skinny guy in black with a mask and a girl whose outfit is some kind of cross between a schoolgirl uniform and a flamenco dress. Everyone seems to be doing moves in a certain order according to whatever it says at the bottom of the screen, and they all get upset when someone breaks the order. Choshu and the masked guy (whose mask comes off early in a headlock) seem like they might have decent wrestling ability, but the other two move like backyarders who haven’t done much rehearsing. Silver Hair does a bunch of planchas off the apron onto random people. Choshu does a lot of coconut crushes. The girl does a nice missile dropkick. Unmasked Guy does some bad suplexes and a top rope King Kong knee drop. It mostly looks like they’re making stuff up as they go. Choshu finally pins Unmasked Guy after a lariat. All four take a bow. Choshu talks to the crowd. Then he puts on a headset microphone and dances to some techno song.

I’m sorry, but I don’t get any of it. I like DDT’s comedy a lot of the time, but I didn’t have any context for this and it certainly wasn’t a universally understandable routine.  I’m going to have to recommend that you avoid this one unless you really like Japanese humor and have a good grasp on the language. Then it might make sense.

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