Ultimo Dragon vs. Kesen Numajiro from Michinoku Pro 2013

Knowing that Dragon can be fairly selfish in the ring, I still tried to hold fast hope that this match would have something interesting to hold onto. But I know nothing about Numajiro, and Michinoku Pro isn’t what it used to be in the days of Kaientai DX, so I really shouldn’t have expected much.

There’s a video explaining why this match is happening. I don’t get it, but it looks like Numajiro was cocky before a tag match against Dragon and then proceeded to lose. Dragon gave him a dressing down afterwards, and the other wrestlers and the crowd seemed to agree with him despite Numajiro’s protests. Then, before this match, they exchange words on the mic again.

Numajiro jumps Dragon with a flying butt attack at the bell. He misses a leg drop, and Dragon shakes his head a few times and takes over. Dragon takes Numajiro outside, walks him all the way around the ring like he’s going to slam his head into something, and then just rolls him back in as the crowd laughs. Dragon attacks Numajiro’s left leg and puts him in a sharpshooter and a figure four. Numajiro manages to hit a suplex but gets kicked in the leg as he tries a top rope move. Dragon sells his own leg after that for some reason. Dragon fires off his trademark kicks but can’t hit the Asai DDT. Numajiro gets a two count with a surprise backslide. The match ends when Numajiro tries small package after small package after small package and Dragon ultimately (ha!) reverses the last one into his own for the three count.

Both guys talk to each other on the mic again after match. Numajiro goes backstage and talks to the camera while holding a plush toy that looks kind of like him.

As a standalone match, I can’t recommend it. This would be nice if I could see every other match in the story. As it is, it’s like reading a short chapter in the middle of a book and not being able to read anything else. Numajiro seems fine, but there isn’t anything about him that makes him stand out. Maybe that’s part of the story? His pictures on CageMatch.com make it look like he’s changed a bit, so maybe this was part of the angle that did it.

Via con Dios,


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