Metro Pro Wrestling Episode 142 Review

While we wait for Middle Kingdom Wrestling season two, let’s dip into the closest thing I have to a hometown wrestling promotion! Featuring the Submission Squad under a different gimmick!

Metro Pro Wrestling is run by Chris Gough, a former WWE employee, out of Kansas City, Kansas. Their TV show airs weekly on KC Metro Sports…I think. My family doesn’t get that channel, and now I live in China anyway. The only time I can watch the show is when they upload it to YouTube, but those are really far behind. This, the most recent episode online, was taped in January 2015.

Good news right off the bat as Midnight Guthrie is on commentary in place of Chris Gough and Dave Borchardt. I think Chris is good as a heel color man, but I find Dave annoying as a play-by-play guy. I could probably write a whole blog post about why. I’ll just say Guthrie is much more likeable and leave it at that.

The Commission Promo

You may recognize Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico as the Submission Squad. They’ve wrestled for Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Chikara, Absolute Intense Wrestling, etc. In Metro Pro, though, they work as the Commission. The difference is that the Commission wear suits and carry around a “book” entitled THE RULES. It’s kind of like a cross between the Right to Censor and the Mormons. Of course, as heels, they often broke the rules and blamed everyone else. Back in episode 134, they kind of started a babyface turn, and they cement that with this very straightforward promo.

Mr. Abernathy says that he and Mr. Gelistico used to cheat regularly, but from now on, they were going to follow the rules unless their opponents broke them first. The crowd that used to jeer them is now very supportive.

Left Coast Guerrillas Promo

They’re not so supportive of the Left Coast Guerrillas, Hoodlum and Anaya, but that’s to be expected; Kansas Citians don’t take kindly to folks from big market cities coming in and ragging on our town. Hoodlum says that he’s been coming to KC for five years, yet he’s never won a match, and he blames it on a conspiracy. Now that he has his brother with him, things will change. He mocks the Commission for becoming good guys and says he hates the rules. As Gelistico tries to hold Abernathy back, Hoodlum and Anaya jump them and the bell rings.

The Commission (Mr. Abernathy & Mr. Gelistico) vs. Left Coast Guerrillas (Hoodlum & Anaya)

LCG apparently wrestle a lot in Colorado. No info about them on They work a traditional tag match where the Commission makes fools of them early on – they tag in and out to give Hoodlum about six consecutive arm wringers – but LCG’s aggressiveness picks up and they isolate Gelistico for a while. No great moves; just a lot of punches, kicks, chokes, elbow drops, an ab stretch, and other roughneck stuff done well. Gelistico makes a tag, but Anaya distracts the ref so he doesn’t see it and makes Abernathy get back out. Seconds later, though, Gelistico takes Anaya down with an Ace crusher and gets the real hot tag. Abernathy cleans house. Nice stunner/Yakuza kick combo by the Commission. Gelistico accidentally kicks Abernathy in the head at one point, but it doesn’t lead to anything. Instead, while the ref is checking on Gelistico after an Anaya STO, Hoodlum gets the rulebook and accidentally hits Anaya. While the ref checks on him, Gelistico hits Hoodlum with another rulebook, allowing Abernathy to get the pin.

Winners – The Commission

Rating – OK

Solid, if unspectacular, match. The comments during Abernathy’s promo ended up being foreshadowing, so that was a nice touch. Hoodlum’s losing streak continues.

Mark Sterling Promo

Sterling’s been around a while. I saw him on a lot of Central States Wrestling shows back in the early 2000’s and onward. He’s done well as a heel, especially once he adopted the “Fittest Wrestler in the World” gimmick and eventually shaved his head. These days, he’s usually flanked by the King Brothers, both of whom are fairly large.

Sterling addresses a previous sneak attack by his former friend Jeremy Wyatt. He says Wyatt isn’t as clever as he thinks he is. Then he calls the fans fat pigs and says he’s better than them. He offers them personal training for $300 per hour, saying that’s just one less cheeseburger per day for 300 days. Finally, he brings up his opponent, Mat Fitchett, saying he’s a good wrestler and does good flips, but he’s in Sterling’s territory and he’s outmatched. His catchphrase is “No one…is…SAFE!”

I’m not a fan of Sterling’s promos. He always talks too fast and stumbles over his words. Sometimes, good words escape him, so he uses poorer substitutes, making him sound like an amateur. He’s got good ideas, but he usually fails to deliver them convincingly. I think he needs to slow down and let his thoughts catch up to him. His voice isn’t terribly threatening, either, but I can’t hold that against him.

Mark Sterling w/ The King Brothers vs. Mat Fitchett

This match will determine the number one contender to the Central States Championship*. Fitchett is one half of the Metro Pro Tag Team Champions with Davey Vega, but Vega is out injured, so Fitchett doesn’t have anyone in his corner.

Fitchett’s speed and flips, show up Sterling until taking his eye off the ball gets Fitchett speared through the ropes. Sterling works over Fitchett’s back with the King Brothers’ help. There’s a creative bit where Sterling chokes Fitchett in the ropes while doing exercise moves. Sterling keeps Fitchett grounded for a bit. Fitchett comes back after an enzuigiri and gets several nearfalls, including one after a running knee that’s close to a Bomaye. There are a couple good bits of foreshadowing paying off as both guys go back to the proverbial well once too often. The match kind of jumps the shark around the point when Fitchett dives onto the King Brothers. It probably should’ve finished up shortly after that, but they go a few minutes more and it kind of drags. Sterling gets the win with a spear after one of the Kings hits Fitchett with a kettlebell.

Winner – Mark Sterling

Rating – OK

Pretty good match, but a little too long, and I think the interference was unnecessary.

After the match, the Kings hold Fitchett upside down while Sterling spears him again. They set him up to hit him with a kettlebell, but Jeremy Wyatt runs in. The heels overwhelm him and prepare to take the kettlebell to him, but “Showtime” Bradley Charles walks out. SBC used to team with Sterling and Wyatt as the Kansas City Killers, and he usually sided with Sterling after Wyatt turned face. He asks Sterling to let him hit Wyatt, but as one would expect, he hits the King Brothers instead. He tries to perform the TKO on Sterling, but Sterling escapes.

SBC tells Wyatt that he’s one of his best friends; they went to the World Series, had fun at Wyatt’s bachelor party and wedding, and travelled the road together, so he couldn’t stand by and watch Sterling brutalize him. Then they both hold up Fitchett’s arms as the crowd cheers. This appears to be the first time SBC has been a babyface since he turned heel back in 2011.

Overall: OK. Not a bad show. Two solid matches and a little bit of storyline advancement (something that Metro Pro isn’t always good at). Nothing you need to go out of your way to see, but nothing you’re better off avoiding, either. I’d give it a mild thumbs up. I’m anxious for the next episode as we get closer to Wyatt vs. Christopher Daniels.


*Not to be confused with the NWA Central States Championship. After Metro Pro broke off ties with the NWA, they lost the NWA Central States and Kansas Championships but created their own generic titles in their place. There are four championships in Metro Pro: The Metro Pro Championship, the Metro Pro Tag Team Championships, and the Central States and Kansas Championships.



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