Worth Watching: Metro Pro


I’m looking forward to this. I’m going to go through the Metro Pro Wrestling YouTube channel and watch all their matches, compiling the ones I like and mostly ignoring the ones I don’t. Short reviews in sets of five should be good. I’ll also be posting them to my wrestling Tumblr.

Derek Stone vs. Mark Sterling

Stone’s older and heavier, but he doesn’t get blown up as fast here (in 2010) as he usually does today. Sterling’s been a good heel since 2006, and this is one of his finer performances. Stone gets the crowd going, and Sterling ticks them off in all the right ways. Stone gets a somewhat flukey win, but Sterling gets his head back with a beatdown afterwards. The pace is surprisingly fast for a Stone match, and that’s probably my main reason for recommending it.


Michael Strider vs. Jeremy Wyatt w/ Steven J. Girthy & Kwong

Strider’s a workhorse who was beloved by many fans as a heel in Midwest Renegade Wrestling/Central States Wrestling, so once he turned face, he became the ace of the promotion. Wyatt had a similar rise to local fame in the same promotion, so these are pretty much the two top guys in the KC area in 2010 going at it in the new fed in town.

There are several cool moves here. Wyatt does a neckbreaker onto the apron. Strider turns a hip toss into an armbar in mid-air. Wyatt turns a school boy into a crossface. They work a good pace and sell all right; at least no one pops up after something big. Tyler Cook and Bradley Charles run in to take out Kwong, and Girthy accidentally hits Wyatt with his shoe, allowing Strider to hit a cradle backdrop driver to get the pin. Rather good.


Pete Madden vs. Domino Rivera w/ Lucy Mendez

Pete Madden used to do crazy hardcore stuff in St. Louis. Here, he’s older but no less crazy. He takes a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor, a spinning bump off the ring post, and wins with a chair-assisted moonsault. Then he puts Domino through a chair with a fisherman’s buster and beats up the ref. And he’s the babyface! I was surprised to put this match on the list, but it’s just so nutty that it can’t be ignored.


Jimmy Rockwell vs. Bull Schmitt

Bull used to wrestle for Harley Race’s World League Wrestling back when I was discovering local indy wrestling, and he came back in the early days of Metro Pro. This match is a good squash for him, showing off his moves, giving Jimmy Rockwell a little hope, and finishing with a big powerbomb. That’s why it’s on my list.


Derek Stone vs. Trevor Murdock (Last Man Standing)

Remember Trevor Murdoch, Garrison Cade’s tag partner in WWE? He changed the last letter of his name and went back to wrestling in Kansas City for Metro Pro. He was a selfish heel at this point, and he and fellow veteran Stone feuded over the Metro Pro TV Title.

This match has a creative bit at the beginning, and then it gets kind of slow, but around the 13:00 mark, Trevor does a Yoshitonic, and that’s weird enough to get on my list pretty much by itself. The finish has a couple big moves, and the title change is important enough to get this a mild recommendation.

Image By Chris Gough – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17522144



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