Metro Pro Wrestling Episode 143 Review

A surprisingly good promo and a fast-paced second match make this a solid-enough show.

Dan Walsh Promo

Walsh used to be on MTV’s Road Rules. I guess that makes him like the Miz. He’s usually pretty good on the microphone. He doesn’t do much here except garner cheap heat by bashing the Kansas City Royals for losing the 2014 World Series (this was filmed in early 2015, before the Royals won the big one, but commentator Midnight Guthrie pretends that Walsh is just behind on the times).

“The Danimal” Dan Walsh w/ Lucy Mendez vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles

Charles was trained by Lance Storm, and he recently turned face, so now the crowd gets to cheer him for the first time in a long time. Ridiculous amount of stalling and crowd pandering at the beginning. Walsh leaves the ring, comes back, competes for cheers, gets beaten by the referee, leaves the gym, comes back. Eventually, they do arm wringers. SBC unloads on Walsh until he gets cut off. Walsh works on SBC’s ribs. He uses a lot of kicks. They bump heads, resetting everything. SBC starts his comeback. Rebelucha comes out and dances around, distracting SBC, but not enough for him to get caught by Walsh. Walsh escapes a TKO attempt, pushing SBC into the ropes where Rebelucha hits him with a nightstick. Walsh rolls up SBC and holds the tights for the pin.

Winner – Dan Walsh

Rating – OK

Afterwards, Rebelucha attacks SBC some more, then unmasks himself as Mike Sydal (Matt’s brother).

It was an OK match. As much as I want to like them, both wrestlers just fall a little bit short of interesting for me. Walsh’s working over the ribs was well done until it SBC’s comeback; then it was moot. Seems like the whole point of the match was to set up Sydal’s heel turn. Speaking of which, I hope there will be an explanation for that soon.

Tyler Cook vs. J.J. Garrett

This is Garrett’s debut for Metro Pro, and it’s my first time seeing him. Cook’s been around a while, and I like him because he was always friendly to me at CSW shows. He’s a heel here, though. They work a much faster pace than the last match, and there are a few flying moves. Midnight puts over Cook’s stalling backbreaker pretty strongly. Garrett does a nice discus lariat and satellite headscissors (“on cable TV!”). I like his “swag splash” frog splash, though he misses it. No body work, but good back-and-forth action. Garrett gets the pin with a cradle after Cook misses a tumbleweed senton. Thumbs up.

Winner – J.J. Garrett

Rating – Good

“Vintage” Kraig Keesaman vignette

Wow, looks like the former Krow is getting a new gimmick. He sits in a wine cellar and talks about how he’s been in the business a while, he’s seen people disappear from wrestling like nothing. He’s just been biding his time, ripening like a fine wine. When you pop the cork, there will be championships, celebrations, and toasts to a new vintage. Good promo. I didn’t know he had it in him.

The Commission confront Kobra Kai Dojo

This promo takes place after an incident where the Commission (whom you may know as the Submission Squad) saved Kobra Kai (whom you may know as the Sex Bob-ombs) from an attack by the King Brothers. Mr. Abernathy and Mr. Gelistico confront Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega in a dark storeroom. Mr. Abernathy says that they don’t like each other, but with bad dudes like the Kings, the American Bulldogs, Mark Sterling, and Commissioner Strider out there, they’re going to need to watch each other’s backs sooner or later. They propose an alliance. Fitchett and Vega don’t trust them and decide that they need to talk to their sensei. Also, they’re in a dark room because of depression, apparently.

Derek Stone vs. “Dirdey” Jake Dirden

 Metro Pro Championship time. Champion Derek Stone has been a heel recently, and he seems to be aligned with heel Commissioner Strider against babyface Jeremy Wyatt. You may recognize Dirden from Ring of Honor’s Top Prospect Tournament or from a short run in Pro Wrestling NOAH.
Wow, Stone’s looking old and fat now. He attacks Dirden from behind while a guy in a mask distracts him. They have a brawl in the crowd for a while, which is usually my cue to zone out. They eventually get back into the ring and club each other. It’s pretty wild, but there’s no blood. Dirden goes for the thumb to the throat, but Stone ducks and rolls him up for the pin. If you like brawls and don’t mind anti-climactic finishes, you’ll probably enjoy this.
Winner – Derek Stone
Rating – OK
Overall: OK. Everything about this episode can be described as decent. Cook vs. Garrett and Keesaman’s promo were both a little better than decent. If the finish of the main event had been more decisive or exciting, I’d probably have a higher opinion of the whole show. As it is, there are a couple storylines advanced, so it’s probably worth watching for that.

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