Metro Pro Wrestling Episode 144 Review

It’s literally a one-match show. Is it worth sitting through the whole thing?

Christopher Daniels Promos

In a black and white cold open, Daniels says that fans around the world love him, and so does Jeremy Wyatt, but Wyatt’s hero is going to break his heart. Since the gimmick is that if Wyatt loses, he’s fired, Daniels says that he won’t have a problem ending Wyatt’s career. He just says it using a lot of words. Then he ends things with his whole “worship me…now” bit, but contextually, it doesn’t make sense. “Then, and only then, will you have permission to worship me…now.” THEN you will have permission to do something NOW? He’s going to have to time travel to do what he has permission for! Real practical, Daniels.

After the show open, Daniels comes to the ring and cuts a live promo insulting the fans. “Kansas Cityyyyyy!” (Fans cheer) What a disappointment!” (Fans boo) He says the fans are used to disappointment, what with the Chiefs and the Royals (this was filmed before the 2015 World Series), so it makes sense that Wyatt is their hero. After he beats Wyatt, they can all go back to their smelly homes where they’re unemployed and stupid, etc. Then he’ll be their new sports hero. Worship me now, blah blah. Some audience members still chant, “Thank you.”

Before we get the match going, I’d like to point out that this is, in fact, a rematch. I was at their first match back in 2006 on an NWA Central States show. Daniels was still in TNA, and he was the babyface that time, but a lot of the crowd were still cheering for Wyatt because we loved seeing our hometown guys beat the big names. And Wyatt did actually beat Daniels after punching him with a chain around his fist.

Here are some highlights from that match as filmed by my old digital camera:

And here’s photographic proof that I was there:


Okay, onto the rematch!

Metro Pro Wrestling Championship Match

“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (c) vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Commissioner Michael Strider has this gimmick going where Wyatt will be fired the next time he loses a match, so his jobĀ is on the line along with the title.

It begins with Daniels stalling like Larry Zybysko. Then he does some comedic bending of the rules. Pretty soon, though, Wyatt frustrates him and we start wondering if he’s been taking Wyatt too lightly. They do some good but unmemorable technical stuff. The crowd finally gets going after Wyatt hits a tope. Wyatt dominates for a while. Then Daniels takes over and works on Wyatt’s midsection. A grounded bearhug is a strange move for a guy of Daniels’ size to do, by the way. He does it at least three times, and the last time is used for Wyatt’s fire-up spot. They go on for a while after that, and it’s all good. Daniels gets smarmy. Arabian press. Top rope belly-to-belly. Wyatt does a plancha from the top. Daniels drops Wyatt on a chair on the floor. Shenanigans happen after Wyatt hits a fisherman’s buster, but Commissioner Strider pulls the referee out and argues with him. Daniels hits angel’s wings, but Wyatt kicks out. Daniels accidentally knocks Strider off the apron, Wyatt hits the lightning spiral, and Wyatt retains the title by pinfall and keeps his career going. Jeremy Wyatt 2-0 Christopher Daniels

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – Good

I have a short attention span, so I’m not a fan of long matches. Metro Pro has dropped the ball on some of their lengthier matches in the past, letting them be long without making them interesting. Fortunately, this match didn’t suffer from that ailment. It kept a logical yet compelling pace (after it got past the stalling, anyway) and had enough big moves to mostly satisfy my appetite. I’ll give it a thumbs up.



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