Metro Pro Wrestling Episode 148 Review

Mike Sydal! Jeremy “John Cena” Wyatt! The first women’s match in a while! More!

NOTE: Metro Pro initially uploaded four matches separately for this show, one of which was an 8-man tag featuring the Commission, Kobra Kai Dojo, the American Bulldogs, and the King Brothers. That match was moved to episode 149 due to time constraints, and the full episode 148 was uploaded with just the following three matches.

Midnight Guthrie is back on commentary after only one episode away with no explanation, but I don’t care. He’s the man.

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs. “Yoga Monster” Mike Sydal

If you don’t know Dirden, he’s something of a Bruiser Brody throwback who wears street clothes instead of furry boots. Mike Sydal has recently been antagonizing Jeremy Wyatt after turning heel for no discernable reason. He’s a good heel, but I’d like to know why he went bad. Funny thing is that both men had brief, unceremonious runs in Japanese organizations (Sydal in Dragon Gate, Dirden in NOAH) and, unfortunately, neither have gotten to go back.

This match is a good template for having a small heel take on a big babyface. Sydal stalls early, then makes the mistake of getting in Dirden’s face. Dirden runs wild on him until Sydal gets an opening and goes after Dirden’s right leg. He attacks the leg for a good long time, and Dirden sells well. He puts Dirden in a reverse STF (Midnight Guthrie says “Namaste down, Jake Dirden!” Which is odd because Guthrie’s a babyface announcer). Sydal makes the mistake of going for forearms instead of sticking with the leg, and Dirden headbutts him and hits a huge superkick. He tweaks his leg on a chokeslam, giving Sydal enough time to get his wits and kick out. Dirden goes for the Asiatic spike, but Sydal pulls his beard into a jawbreaker. He misses the yoga-sault (no wonder; it takes too long to set up), but while the ref disposes of his yoga mat, Sydal kicks Dirden low and school-boys him while holding the tights pants for the pin. Afterwards, Sydal insults the ring announcer and does his job for him.

Winner – Mike Sydal

Rating – OK

Lucy Mendez vs. D’Arcy Dixon

Lucy’s been a heel ever since joining Commissioner Strider, and this is her first match in Metro Pro in a while. It’s D’Arcy Dixon’s Metro Pro debut, but according to Midnight, she and Lucy have been rivals in other promotions. I don’t know much about Dixon except that she wrestled for Resistance Pro, the promotion that Billy Corgan started.

Surprisingly, the mat wrestling they do at the beginning actually goes somewhere, as Mendez works over Dixon’s left shoulder for most of the match. In an unrelated note, the first impactful move of the match is a Rainmaker lariat, though it’s not called that and it’s nowhere close to the finish. Meanwhile, Dixon’s selling of her shoulder is pretty good, but she does do a few things that seem like they should aggravate it more. She mostly sells when she isn’t doing moves. Her biggest move is a powerbomb out of the corner for two. Shortly afterwards, Mendez gets thrown off from a tornado DDT attempt but hits a Codebreaker to get the pin. Another decent match. I would’ve liked for that Codebreaker to have been to Dixon’s shoulder instead of her face; that would’ve made more sense in the context of the match.

Winner – Lucy Mendez

Rating – OK

Afterwards, Mendez gives Dixon a respectful hug…and then doesn’t attack her. Midnight thinks she must have ulterior motives. I think they probably should have cut that out, because I don’t expect it to go anywhere. Prove me wrong.

Ricky Cruz vs. Jeremy Wyatt

Puerto Rican Ricky Cruz used to be a regular in Metro Pro. He was a babyface and was often accompanied by Lucy Mendez. Mendez is now Commissioner Strider’s second-in-command, so the story is that she’s brought back her old friend to take out Wyatt. Therefore, he’s a bad guy now. Wyatt’s still under the ruling that if he loses a match, he’s fired. In his most recent matches, he’s gone full Super Cena, kicking out of multiple finishers and making his heel opponents look like chumps.

Cruz control the bulk of the match, bending the rules and trying to intimidate the referee. He also spends some time methodically working over Wyatt’s back, which has had issues in the past. Unfortunately, when Wyatt makes his comeback near the end, he gives up selling his back pretty quickly. For instance, he clotheslines Cruz out of the ring and goes with him, hitting his back on the ring apron and completely ignoring it. SUPER WYATT TIME! I’d like to say that he doesn’t kick out of Cruz’s finisher, but I don’t actually know what Cruz’s finisher is. He does slam Wyatt and put him in a Koji clutch, but Wyatt gets to the ropes. Wyatt hits a blue thunder driver and goes up top, but Mark Sterling and the Kings come out to distract him. But then Tommy Dreamer comes out with a Singapore cane to distract them, and Wyatt reverses a school boy into a crossface for the submission victory to end a match that was fine but never seemed to pick up the tempo.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – OK

After the match, he does a plancha onto Sterling and the Kings and celebrates with Dreamer.

Overall: As usual, it was a show full of decent matches that you wouldn’t feel bad for skipping. Not a lot of storyline progress; just wrestlers wrestling, playing their characters, and trying to pop the live fans. I guess no storyline advancement is better than convoluted storyline advancement or storylines that are dropped altogether like we used to get from this promotion. I just hope to someday review a show that I can’t help but praise and insist that everyone watch it. That’s the dream.

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