Metro Pro Wrestling Episode 149 Review

Lucha Underground’s lead announcer confronts Kansas City’s favorite invincible wrestler! And then there’s a match! (More video after the jump.)

NOTE: The 8-man tag team match featuring the Commission, Kobra Kai Dojo, the King Brothers, and the American Bulldogs was purportedly moved from episode 148 to episode 149 due to timing issues. However, it was posted to YouTube as part of episode 148. Just to be safe, I’m including in both reviews.

Jeremy Wyatt/Matt Striker Interaction

We join promoter Chris Gogh in the ring with Matt Striker and Jeremy Wyatt. Chris, formerly the heel commentator on the show (though that’s not mentioned) just received an award for all the work he’s done for Kansas City wrestling. He then passes the mic off to Striker (who’s wearing a Lucha Underground shirt) so he can interview Wyatt. He asks him about his match tonight with Ricky Cruz (we just saw that match on the last episode). If Wyatt loses, he’s fired. Wyatt says it’s not a lay-up, but he intends to make Commissioner Strider’s attempts to fire him fail miserably once again. He smiles and laughs and generally annoys me with his lack of seriousness, as he usually does when he cuts promos. Striker says that he heard Strider has a second opponent lined up for Wyatt if he beats Cruz. Wyatt laughs some more. Striker kicks Wyatt and hits a Pedigree. Then he says, “Your opponent…is MEEEEEEE!” and leaves through the crowd, who actually seem supportive of him. There’s even a “Thank you, Striker!” chant

The Commission (Mr. Abernathy & Gary Jay) & Kobra Kai Dojo (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. The King Brothers (Jake & Ryan King) & The American Bulldogs (Mad Dog McDowell & Jon West)

A couple storylines going on here. The Commission and Kobra Kai Dojo feuded over the tag team titles, so now, even though the Commission have turned over a new leaf, Vega and Fitchett aren’t ready to trust them just yet. Gary Jay (formerly Mr. James) is taking Mr. Gelistico’s place for some reason. The Kings are tag champs and have always been heels, but the Bulldogs recently turned heel when Commissioner Strider threatened to stop booking them if they didn’t do what he said. Then they beat the Commission through dirty tactics, and it seemed like Mad Dog, at least, was upset with having to cheat. West has been working heel in Iowa doing a “Black Wrestlers Matter” gimmick, and he’s wearing that shirt here.

The babyfaces work well together for most of the match despite teasing dissension early on. Basically, they argue over the proper way to pose on top of Jon West, and then they do it right on top of Ryan King. The babyfaces seem to control most of the match, which is surprising due to the massive amount of size they’re giving up. There’s also a spot where all four babyfaces pull on Abernathy’s arm while he has West in an ab stretch, going all the way to the crowd and having a fan assist. It’s a funny bit, but it’s kind of annoying because they’re obviously cheating behind the ref’s back, which is a heel thing to do. They really should have had the heels do something underhanded first so that the faces were at least getting revenge. Anyway, when the heels do get the heat, they beat of Vega for a short while. Mad Dog does a Garvin stomp, which is a rare sight. Vega makes the hot tag to both of the Commission, apparently, because they run wild together. Then there’s a cool quadruple-team sequence that Jon West kicks out of (and I really think it should’ve been broken up instead, so as to protect the spot). There’s also a triple dive by Jay, Fitchett, and Vega. The finish gets muddy and convoluted because there are so many guys in the ring and they’re all trying to make sure they’re in the right position for the big storyline-based spot of the match. With the ref distracted, the Kings try to hit Vega with a belt, but Abernathy runs in and “takes the bullet.” The Bulldogs see that the Kings were trying to cheat and get upset about it, allowing Kobra Kai Dojo to shove them all out except for West, whom they defeat with a double stomp/Kryptonite Krunch combo. So dissent ended up ruining the heels and not the babyfaces. We’ll see where this goes.

Winners – The Commission and Kobra Kai Dojo

Rating – OK

By the way, the sound on this match was awful. The commentary sounded fine, but the mic in the arena made everything echo. It was like an auditory form of vertigo.

Matt Striker vs. Jeremy Wyatt

Striker’s entrance music features at least one clip of him calling a Lucha Underground match. I’ve liked Striker since he was in 3PW doing homages to Macho Man and other legends. He’s said some stupid things on commentary before, but he seems to have found his niche in LU. Kind of odd to see him in a “hitman” role, considering he’s not only a part-time wrestler, but a part-time wrestler who doesn’t win a lot.

Obviously, the story is that Wyatt’s fighting to keep his job, and he’s already wrestled once tonight. He runs in from the side door and attacks Striker from behind, getting revenge from earlier and trying to get the win a quickly as possible. Striker appears to retreat, but then he comes back out with Ricky Cruz, Rebelucha, and Commissioner Strider (No idea who’s under the Rebelucha mask this time, but it doesn’t look he has like Mike Sydal’s body type). Their distraction allows Striker to take over and zero in on Wyatt’s left arm. He works that arm, jaws with the crowd, and eventually takes a few pratfalls so Wyatt can make his comeback. Good work by Striker; I like his moves and his facials when he’s working heel. Wyatt escapes a Pedigree and hits a Strider Spiral to mock Strider, and then he dives on all three guys outside the ring. Then there’s a cool finishing sequence where Wyatt misses a splash or knee drop or something, Striker rolls him into a reverse Fujiwara armbar, and Wyatt rolls him over and turns it into a crossface. Striker tries to get to the ropes, but he ends up tapping.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – Good

Strider, Cruz, and Rebelucha come in and beat up Strider until “Showtime” Bradley Charles runs in with a chair. Strider gets the mic and chastises SBC for interfering in his business, and then he fires him.

Wait, he can fire SBC just like that, but Wyatt has to lose a match before he can be fired? What’s with this double standard? Is it because SBC’s black, is that it? SBC had better hook with with Jon West and his “Black Wrestlers Matter” movement.

Another decent show in spite of the logic holes. I wish they could bring Striker in for programs with other guys, but I doubt that’ll happen. I also wish some of the storylines would progress faster. Slow builds are good when you get shows every week, but the infrequency of Metro Pro’s shows being uploaded makes everything feel kind of stagnant.

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