Metro Pro Wrestling Episode 150 Review – Part 1

Six men. One fall. 

Either this episode is being slowly uploaded in multiple parts, or this is all we’re going to get to see of it. It’s way too short to be the whole thing. Midnight Guthrie is still on commentary

Six-Man Scramble Match: Mike Sydal vs. Matt Cage vs. Tyler Cook vs. JJ Garrett vs. Ricky Cruz vs. Redwing

This is one fall to a finish, and the winner gets to be the final entrant into the upcoming Metro Proyale battle royal. Mike Sydal’s Kansas title isn’t on the line. Garrett and Redwing are the only babyfaces. Close to half of the video is taken up by entrances. Former wrestler Domino Rivera is referee.

This is a fun six-man where everyone gets to show something, one guy gets put over solidly, no one gets hurt, and they don’t overstay their welcome. They play off the fact that Redwing is the big powerhouse of the six by everyone trying to out-chop him and failing, and then they intelligently take him out of the match for a short spell so everyone else can brawl. Sydal mixes well with both Cruz and Cook, showing that singles matches with either of them could be good (providing one of them turned face). Garrett does some fun stuff like a frog crossbody and a shining elbow drop. Almost everyone does a dive. Cook is lucky that he gets caught when he does a tumbleweed, because it looks to me like he could have easily missed and hit the floor. Sydal is forced into his dive because Redwing throws him. Even Redwing does a running plancha onto everyone, which is wild. In the end, Sydal gets caught in a rewind powerslam by Redwing, who gets the pin and the #30 spot in the Metro Proyale. He also pins the Kansas champion, so he’s probably earned another title shot.

Winner – Redwing

Rating – Good

They really put a good little match together. It’s not an all-time classic, but it makes sense and it’s never boring. I hope they do more.



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