Logan Riegel vs. Sterling Riegel from Impact Pro Wrestling 2015

My first in a series of match reviews where I try to get to know the Riegel Twins (AKA the Royal Twins).

Logan and Sterling, the Riegel Twins, are an up-and-coming tag team out of the Kansas City area who have only been pros for a little over a year and a half. Even though they’re from my hometown of Lee’s Summit, MO, I haven’t gotten to see much of them since I live in another country. But that’s about to change thanks to Midnight Guthrie’s Youtube channel!

This match is the brothers’ debut for Impact Pro Wrestling in Iowa, but instead of tagging, they’re facing each other.

Logan establishes himself as the heel by wearing black tights and jawing with the fans. He also has an escort. Sterling is in blue and seems a lot more happy-go-lucky. “Let’s go, Riegel!” and “Riegel Sucks!” chants duel. Headlock, arm wringers, satellite headscissors. Sterling dives onto Logan. Logan uses the referee to create distance and stalls. Sterling eventually goes after him and tries a hurricanrana off the apron but get powerbombed onto it instead. Logan moonsaults from the top to the floor after Sterling gets up. Back in the ring, Sterling lands on his feet out of a monkey flip but gets a jumping DDT anyway. Logan does push-ups while Sterling sells. Two leapfrogs and a rana by Logan. After wasting time arguing with the referee, Logan gets a kick to the face and a jawbreaker, but then he catches Sterling with a kneeling superkick.

Logan teases a People’s Elbow, but does a standing moonsault instead. Sterling blocks a top rope move, then misses a second-rope SSP. Sterling catches Logan going up with a superplex. Falcon arrow by Sterling after they both recover. Sterling slowly follows Logan to the corner, and Logan slams his head into the turnbuckle. Logan tries to throw Sterling into the opposite corner, but Sterling springs back with a blockbuster and hits a running SSP for the three.

Winner – Sterling Riegel

Rating – OK

They hugged after the match (though not immediately). I was expecting Logan to blindside Sterling, but he didn’t.

Analysis: I liked it. It was a spotfest with a lot of downtime between spots, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I gather that the primary purpose was to show off the Riegels’ respective athleticism, and it certainly did that. The only thing I would change would be to add a couple more nearfalls at the end to amp up the drama. But these guys had only been pros for about five months at this point, and they looked to be way beyond that.



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