Logan Riegel vs. Sterling Riegel Rematch from Impact Pro Wrestling 2015

“Mom, the Riegel Twins are fighting again!”

“Oh, where are their parents?”

This match takes place about a month after the Riegels’ first IPW match against each other. Just like last time, Logan is the heel in black and Sterling is the babyface in blue. Logan controls early with a headlock takeover and does a headstand while holding a front facelock. Sterling hits him with an enzuigiri to send him outside to stall. Sterling lands a slingshot somersault to the outside. The come back in and go back out almost as quickly with a clothesline and plancha by Sterling. They fight to the edge of what the hard camera can see, so you can barely tell that Logan jumps off the nearby bar table and catches Sterling with a rana.

Back in the ring, Logan hits a slingblade for two. He hits a slingshot senton ala Eddy Guerrero. They run the ropes a bit and Logan lands a lariat. They do some flipping counters before Logan hits a springboard Ace crusher (and unlike John Cena, he got all of it). He shows off with push-ups, but Sterling makes him pay for wasting time with a leaping kick. Logan lands on his feet out of a monkey flip, but then Sterling catches him with another one that rotates him all the way to his stomach. Sterling hits a split-legged moonsault. He goes up for something else but gets crotched. Logan then takes him all the way across the ring for a buckle bomb.

Logan hits a Shawn Michaels-esque elbow drop from quite a distance. He hits a standing moonsault and flexes to the crowd. “Who’s the man?” Sterling fights back with the springboard blockbuster and a running SSP, which is what he won with last time. This time it just gets two. Sterling strings a suplex and a falcon arrow together for two. Logan comes back with a reverse rana and gets two from a delayed cover. Sterling catches him with a Yoshitonic. Suddenly, A.J. Smooth and Aaron von Baron run in and attack both guys, causing a no contest.

Winner – N/A

Rating – OK

CrazySexyCruel, as the interlopers are known, beat on the Riegels but get run off with double dropkicks. Sterling takes the mic and says that he and his brother have had their differences, but they’re ready to come together to show how tag team wrestling is done. They make the challenge for a future tag match. That match happens to be next on my list.

Analysis: Not a bad follow-up to their previous match. They gave the fans what they wanted (flips), they decreased the down time between moves, and they threw in a callback to their previous finish for good measure. Result aside, if you liked their first match, you’ll probably like this one. I’m most excited to finally see them as a tag team.



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