The Riegel Twins vs. Crazy Sexy Cruel from Impact Pro Wrestling 2015

Let’s see what the flips can do when they’re coming from the same direction.

This match is to determine the next contenders for the Impact Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship.

Logan and Sterling Riegel come out with Eddy Rose, a local worker who’s coming off an injury, but he doesn’t stay at ringside. AJ Smooth and Aaron Von Baron jump them before the bell, but the Riegels come back with not-so-synchronized dropkicks. After some arm twists and stuff, the Riegels team up to do an assisted reverse shirinui on Smooth. Sterling hits a rana and a snap suplex. Logan comes in with a la magistral cradle for a nearfall. The Riegels do a lot of tagging early. They do a double hiptoss, backflip in sync, and superkick Smooth.

AVB tags in and immediately gets taken down and facelocked. The Riegels set up for a doomsday device, but Smooth runs in and pushes Sterling off the top to the floor. AVB hits a German suplex (because he’s supposedly German) on Logan. He does puch-ups while choking Logan, then chokes him on the ropes. From there, CSC make several tags and target Logan’s ribs. Stalling suplex by Smooth. Logan gets thrown into AVB’s boot. AVB hits a DDT. He cuts off Logan trying to tag with another German suplex. AVB hits a Russian legsweep (even though he’s not Russian) and a running knee drop. Chinlock. Logan gets stopped from tagging again. Double team flapjack gets two. They try it again and Logan catches them with a double DDT. He eventually crawls over and tags in Sterling.

Sterling runs wild with clotheslines. He dropkicks one guy into another. He hits a slingshot plancha. Logan kips up and goes up top to hit a moonsault onto everyone. The Riegels bring one guy back into the ring and hit a doomsday-style blockbuster to get the win.

Winners – The Riegels Twins

Rating – OK

IPW Tag Champs The Legend Killers (Matty Starr and Sparrow) come out and congratulate the Riegels. Star takes the mic and puts them over, saying that he knew they’d be facing off sooner or later. He plugs the date of the title match, then says it’s too bad that they’ll never be on top. They attack the Riegels and beat on them. Star says the fans are dumb for thinking that they’re going to pander to them. Sparrow hits an ugly clothesline, and then he hits Sole Food, setting up Starr to hit a superkick. Eddy Rose comes back out to try and pull the Riegels to safety, but he doesn’t get in the ring.

Analysis: It was kind of slow, to be honest. At the beginning, it seemed like Logan and Sterling were moving from spot to spot and spending too much time thinking about it. Perhaps they were so used to working each other in singles matches that it was harder to get used to tagging and working other people. Of course, I’ve never seen CSC before, so I don’t know how much of it had to do with them. I will say that, when they were on offense, it was kind of boring. They didn’t do anything very interesting, and I didn’t see a lot of personality coming through. The ending also came pretty quickly without much build, though they should get credit for going back to the move they’d teased earlier. I wouldn’t recommend this match, but I’m looking forward to the next one.



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