The Riegel Twins vs. The Legend Killers from Impact Pro Wrestling 2015


This is for the Legend Killers’ IPW Tag Team Titles.

Logan and Sterling Riegel are only able to be differentiated by Sterling’s black wristbands. Logan starts with Matty Star doing wrestling, and Star stalls on the outside after getting countered. Star comes back in with armdrags and a Karate Kid pose. After a headlock struggle, Logan does the AJ Styles leapfrog-dropdown-dropkick sequence. Sparrow and Sterling come in and battle over arm wringers. This was surprisingly compelling to me, as I don’t usually like this part of a match. They trade tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Logan tags in and they hit a double dropkick that was probably too telegraphed for comfort. Logan works a long headlock on Sparrow. Sterling comes in and hits a snap suplex. The Riegels do a wheelbarrow leg drop on Sparrow, and then an assisted standing frog splash.

Star cuts off Logan with a knee to the back, and he and Sparrow start the heat segment. Star comes in and works the back a little. Star backdrops Sparrow into a senton for two. A front facelock keeps Logan from tagging out. Logan finally does make it to Sterling, but Sparrow distracts the referee so he doesn’t see it and forces Sterling out. After some more beating, Logan hits an enzuigiri and almost gets a tag, but Sparrow pulls him back and tries a leg lock. Sparrow slams Logan and hits a spinning elbow drop for two. Logan fights out of the corner and hits a slow rana. He slowly crawls over and makes the hot tag to Sterling.

Sterling comes in with clotheslines and dropkicks. Everyone’s all over the place, and Logan spikes Sparrow on the apron with a jumping DDT. He should be dead. The Riegels hit a pair of Stinger splashes on Star. They hit an assisted reverse Shiranui, but Sparrow, who is somehow not paralyzed, breaks up the pin. Sterling hits a running plancha and Logan hits a top rope moonsault to the floor, but the static hard cam can’t catch them. Back in the ring, the Riegels go for their doomsday blockbuster, but it gets stopped. Sparrow hits a tope through Star’s legs, and Star lands an Asai moonsault right in front of the hard cam. Back in the ring, Sparrow hits sole food and Star hits the selfie kick, but they only get two. Logan hits an enzuigiri and Sterling grabs a school boy for two. Finally, the Riegels perform the doomsday blockbuster on Sparrow for the three count and the championships.

Winners – The Riegel Twins

Rating – Good

Star takes the mic and cries foul but offers no evidence. He demands that the Riegels get back in the ring for an immediate rematch. Ugly, whom I believe to be the VP, comes in on crutches and announces that the Legend Killers will get their rematch, but it will be in Janurary in a tables, ladders, and chairs match.

Analysis: It was slow at first, but I liked it once they picked it up a bit. They hit most of their moves well, and the Legend Killers did a good job heeling it up. They definitely structured it right. I do wish that they would have done a less-killer-looking DDT on the apron; the one that Sparrow took looked like it should left him needing help to get to the back, but he recovered and wasn’t really selling any head trauma a few minutes later. But they did a good build to the finish, much better than in the Riegels/CSC match. This is a pretty good look at both teams, so if you can handle or skip the slow start, you might like it. I’m guessing the TLC match will make this one seem like a minor prequel, though.



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