The Riegel Twins vs. The Legend Killers TLC Match from Impact Pro Wrestling 2016

This is for the Riegel Twins’ IPW Tag Team Titles.

The match starts with Sterling’s hair in a bun and Logan’s free-flowing, but once that bun’s gone, there’s no telling them apart. A face-off leads to a brawl that goes outside fast. The static hard cam catches pretty much nothing until they get back into the ring (around the 4:15 mark). We get a baseball slide into a ladder, and one Riegel does a flip to the outside. They bring a tall ladder into the ring and Sparrow gets hiptossed onto it. They lean the ladder against Sparrow in the corner and a Riegel runs up it (carefully) and kicks him. Then they slam Star onto a ladder and hit a moonsault and a running shooting star (which only hits with the knees).

One of the Riegels climbs the ladder, but Star hits him with a small ladder and pushes the big one over so Riegel bounces off the top rope. They go brawl more on the outside, and you can just barely see Sparrow hit a Cactus Jack elbow off the apron. He later gets backdropped onto the floor. When they get back in the ring, Star and a Riegel climb onto a ladder propped up on the middle rope and the taller ladder. Star does a facebuster onto the ladder (they may have been planning something else but had to improvise because they weren’t stable). Then, after Star climbs the tall ladder, a Riegel catches him with a urinagi through the small ladder, pretty much destroying it. This is the first move of the match that gets in inset replay from someone’s phone camera.

The stupidest spot in the match (from a kayfabe persepctive) comes when a Riegel just about gets to the belts but then decides to do a leg drop onto Sparrow instead. Shortly afterwards, Sparrow and a Riegel end up on the floor, and the other Riegel hits a slingshot senton onto Star on the ladder while the first Riegel does a double stomp onto Sparrow off the apron. Star recovers in time to push a Riegel off the ladder. Star hits the selfie kick. A Riegel hits Sparrow with a 619 around the ring post. Star sets up four chairs and superplexes a Riegel onto them. This gets two replays. Everyone goes out to the floor, and the Legend Killers hit their sole food/selfie kick combo. A new camera catches a Riegel and Star by the bar, and after an exchange that sees the Riegel leap straight up onto the bar twice, Star powerbombs him through a table.

In the ring, the Killers hit the sole food/super kick again. Then they do the tope followed by Asai moonault just like in the last match (but harder to see). Star gets missile dropkicked off the ladder. A Riegel hits a jumping DDT onto Sparrow off the apron through a table. Star and a Riegel climb a pair of ladders at the same time, punch each other near the tops, and the Riegel finally wins after bashing Star’s head into the top of his ladder. Star falls and Riegel clumbs up and pulls down the belts.

Winners – The Riegel Twins

Rating – Good

Analysis: I enjoyed it. You have to know what you’re getting into with these lower-level indy TLC and ladder matches. WWE, TNA, PWG, ROH, etc. can afford heavy-duty ladders and gimmicked ladders, but groups like IPW usually have to just go to the local hardware store and buy stuff off the rack. That doesn’t make the matches less dangerous (probably the contrary, actually), but it does make the spots look less impressive. You can’t deny that the guys are really taking big risks to entertain the crowds, and while it bugs me that they often have to these days, I feel like a jerk if I do nothing but rip them for it. There’s a tension there, for sure. At least these guys were smart enough to show caution in a couple places.

Anyway, the lack of alternate cameras during the early out-of-ring action really hurts this on video (I’m sure it was great live). It’s good that they got some people’s phone videos for the later stuff, at least. They did a good job of saving the biggest bumps for the end, and I thought they created an effective atmosphere of chaos while building up to the big things. Also very glad that no one got busted open or really hurt. And they even threw in some nods to their previous match, particularly the DDT that ended Sparrow. It’s not a must-watch, but it’s a thumbs up.



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