The Riegel Twins vs. The Playboys from Impact Pro Wrestling 2016

The Riegels’ first title defense against a team besides the Legend Killers!

This is for the Riegel Twins’ IPW Tag Team Titles

The Playboys are Ray Feuring and Anthony Draven. They’re both kind of fat and like to gyrate. Their manager, Jason Michaels, gives them an introduction while bashing the Iowa Wild (minor league hockey team). The Riegels are distinguished by Sterling’s bun, which actually stays for a long time.

Feuring shoves off Logan and flexes. Logan pulls a schoolboy, and Feuring claims his hair was pulled. Draven comes in and there’s an arm wringer battle. The Riegels hit a standing moonsault and running SSP for two. They do an assisted splash. The Playboys go outside, and the Riegels make to dive, but Michaels trips them both. The Playboys pounce on Sterling and begin working over his leg.

The heat segment is composed of almost enitrely leg work. Michaels also gets involved with some choking from the outside. Feuring does a lengthy toe hold. Logan can’t help becuase the ref stops him. Draven does a big knee slam. Logan gets knocked off the apron. Sterling fights out of a superplex attempt and hits a big blockbuster. After some recovery time, he manages to barely kip up onto one leg and make the hot tag.

Logan comes in with a sling blade and a dropkick. He hits a tope con hilo onto both Playboys. The Riegels go for the doomsday blockbuster, but Michaels pushes Sterling off the top to the floor.Draven and Feuring do a knee lift and a spinebuster for two. Sterling gets back in as Draven gets Logan up for a powerslam. Sterling low-bridges Feuring so he falls out of the ring, then pulls down Logan. A double superkick puts Draven away.

Winner – The Riegel Twins

Rating – Good

The Legend Killers, who have been sitting in the front row, jump the Riegels and beat on them. They hit the sole food/selfie kick and handcuff Sterling to the bottom turnbuckle. Then they wrap a chair around Logan’s leg and stomp it off the turnbuckle (Pilman-style). Eddy Rose runs in and gets a chair to the face immediately. James Jeffries and Tony Sly finally run the heels off, but the damage has been done.

Analysis: Quite a good title defense by the Twins. Very good job by the heels of getting heat and isolating Sterling. Whoever booked this match must’ve wanted Sterling to practice his selling, because it was all about the Playboys attacking his leg. Sterling did a good job selling after the fact, I thought, though he wasn’t in the match too much after the hot tag. Kind of ironic that the post-match incident involved Logan getting Pilmanized instead of Sterling, though. Anyway, this match gets a recommendation on the psychology alone.

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