Sterling Riegel and James Jeffries vs. The Legend Killers from Impact Pro Wrestling 2016

Logan Sterling is on crutches at ringside.

Jeffries starts off with Matty Star. He shows off his flying skills with a tilt-a-whirl flying headscissors. He gets a selfie stick from someone and rakes Star’s back with it while the ref is distracted by Sparrow. Star breaks the stick, but Jeffries just rakes his back with his hands. Sparrow and Sterling do some arm wringers and flips. They counter each other several times before Sterling takes him out with a dropkick. He wrings Sparrow’s arm while Jeffries comes in with a double ax handle. Jeffries goes for a splash in the corner, but Star moves and Sparrow forearms him to start the heat segment.

Star distracts the ref while Sparrow chokes him from the outside. The Legend Killers hit a European uppercut and a lariat to a seated Jeffries for two. Sparrow stretches Jeffries’ arm. Sterling is baited into the ring so that the ref is distracted while the Legend Killers double team Jeffries. Star backdrops Sparrow into a senton for two. Jeffries fights back but runs into a Michinoku driver for two. Jeffries finally gets a boot up in the corner and hits a shiranui. Then he manages to make the hot tag.

Sterling comes in and hits a fameasser on Sparrow. Star cuts him of with a huge lariat that flips him around. Sterling fights off the top rope and puts Star up, but Star blocks a frankensteiner and hits a superbomb for two. The Legend Killers hit the sole food/selfie kick combo, but Jeffries saves. Sparrow boots Jeffries low while the ref’s back is turned. Sparrow then goes outside, ducks an swing from Logan, and clotheslines Logan down. Both Legend Killers start choking Sterling on the ropes. The ref counts, but Star shoves him and goes back to choking. The ref counts again and calls for the bell.

Winners –¬†Sterling Riegel and James Jeffries (by DQ)

Rating – Good

Afterwards, Jeffries runs in with one of the Riegels’ title belts and chases the Killers away.

Analysis:¬†This was a very good match to continue the Riegels/Killers feud while Logan is out with an injury. Star and Sparrow get more heat by being sadistic jerks, and the Riegels are at a disadvantage until Logan heals. I will say that I’m not a fan of the superbomb being kicked out of, especially when the guy taking it is up and fighting a few seconds later. Granted, it wasn’t the best-looking superbomb, but still. Anyway, I really want to see where this feud goes, but since this match was from March and it’s now November as I type this, I don’t know if the feud has been dropped or if the Riegels are still with IPW. I’m thinking Logan’s still hurt, so maybe when he gets better, we’ll get more.



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