3XW – Redwing vs. Mike Sydal (2014, probably)

Redwing is “The Monster,” and Mike Sydal is “The Yoga Monster.” Mike can’t knock Redwing down, but he says that Redwing can’t knock him down, either. Instead of letting him shoulderblock him, though, Sydal dodges and dropkicks him out of the ring, then hits a tope. But Redwing really is big, so he ends up ramming Sydal’s back into the ringpost a couple times. Then he beats hin down in the ring until Sydal manages to come back out of a rest hold and hit an enzuigiri. He hits the traditional Sydal standing moonsault, then goes up with his yoga mat for the yoga-sault, but misses. Redwing plants him with a spinebuster to win. Solid, inoffensive, and easily watchable.

Winner – Redwing

Rating – Good

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