3XW: Redwing vs. Jeremy Wyatt (2015)

This is for Jeremy Wyatt’s 3XW Heavyweight Championship. Redwing is accompanied by Skylar Pierce and J.D. Riggs.

This is a lengthier match where Redwing is able to show off his power against an average-sized wrestler (as opposed to a smaller wrestler like Mike Sydal). Redwing’s big, but Wyatt is experienced and crafty. He’s a babyface here, but he’s been a heel a lot, so he knows how to be methodical. Wyatt’s expertise has him hold onto the advantage over the bigger man until he gets distracted by Redwing’s entourage. Redwing capitalizes and and rams his back into the post a couple times, then proceeds to work over his back for most of the match.

Wyatt eventually fights back, but he doesn’t run wild until the finish. They go back and forth a bit, and Wyatt manages a fisherman’s suplex. I do wish he would have done more to sell his back than to just put his hand on it a few times. Maybe try and fail to hit the suplex once, then finally hit it but writhe in pain for a bit. Still, the fact that he can hit the move on big Redwing is impressive.

One of Redwing’s pals distracts the ref while the other (after missing his cue the first time) holds up a chair so Redwing can throw Wyatt into it. Then Wyatt hits the spinebuster, which is his finisher at this point, and Wyatt kicks out. Shortly afterwards, Wyatt hits the lightning spiral to retain his title. I think that’s all a bit much. I would’ve rather had the interference backfire and Wyatt hit his move rather than have him kick out of the combined force of a chair to the head and Redwing’s finisher. OK match overall.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – OK


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