3XW: Redwing vs. Kraig Keesaman (2015)

The 3XW commissioner Todd Countryman announces that the winner of this match gets a 3XW Pure Wrestling Title shot at a later date. Redwing has Skylar Pierce and J.D. Riggs in his corner.

I like the deliberation of Keesaman during this match. He wants that title shot, and he goes right after Redwing. Pierce and Riggs help Redwing get the advantage on Keesaman, choking him on the ropes and attacking him on the floor when the ref’s not looking. Everything goes well until Keesaman’s comeback. Keesaman’s kicks look really weak, but Redwing sells them anyway. Keesaman goes for a figure four, but Riggs gets up and holds him from the apron. Redwing charges, Keesaman gets out of the way, Riggs gets bumped. Redwing then ignores Keesaman so he can watch Riggs and Pierce getting chewed out by Countryman. Keesaman catches his breath, then rolls up Redwing to get the win and the title shot. Not a long match, but the finish was meh, so it’s not really worth the time.

Winner – Kraig Keesaman

Rating – OK


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