IPW: Battle Royal (November 19, 2016)

It’s an indy battle royal. No one does anything nutty, so there’s nothing out of the ordinary. It seems like it’s just here as a way to send the crowd home happy with a victory by their hometown guy. And, boy, does it ever work! The crowd LOVES the Badgley brothers like superstars, and even if nothing exceptional happens in the match, it’s still worth watching just to see the fan reactions to Bill Badgley’s ultimate victory.

After Tony Sly is eliminated, BillĀ is alone with three heels. He manages to take care of Justin Decent and Aaron Von Baron, leaving him alone with Matty Star, who actually spent the first half or so of the match on the floor, biding his time. This only accentuates the joy of the audience when Star gets speared and thrown out.

Winner – Bill Badgley

Rating – OK

Afterwards, Jason Michaels gets in the ring for some reason. He’s surrounded by the Badgleys and Tony Sly. The crowd wants him chokeslammed, but they have to settle for Ben Badgley giving him a stunner.


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