IPW: Justin Decent vs. Ryan Slade (November 19, 2016)

The crowd is really into Slade. They chant for Decent to lose some weight (just because Slade is so ripped). Slade has control early. He takes him outside and almost into the crowd, and the fans love it. But in the process of getting back into the ring, Decent takes over. He works the back some, but it doesn’t go anywhere and Slade doesn’t sell it. Slade tries coming back a few times but gets cut off. He spends a long time sitting on the top rope, fighting for the advantage. Decent eventually gets it with a stalling suplex from the second rope, which is impressive.

Slade finally takes over again after they recover from bumping heads. He shows great energy, nailing a bunch of moves consecutively. Decent goes for a DVD, Slade escapes and goes for an Ace Crusher, Decent holds the top rope, and Decent hits him with a running powerslam. Slade kicks out. Decent whips him into the corner, Slade tries to jump over him, Decent catches him, Slade wriggles free and hits an Ace crusher for the win.

Winner – Ryan Slade

Rating – Good


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