ROH: Kenny Lush, Hoodie, and Anaya vs. Cheeseburger, Will Ferrara, and Joey Daddiego (2016)

Unless I’m wildly mistaken, Hoodie and Anaya are the Left Coast Guerrillas, a team I’ve reviewed previously on a Metro Pro show. Hoodie’s gimmick in Metro Pro was that he was from California, he hated Kansas City, and he never won. Also, he was called Hoodlum. Meanwhile, I’ve never heard of Kenny Lush, I like Will Ferrara, Joey Daddiego used to be J. Diesel in the House of Truth stable, and Cheeseburger is like a stick figure┬ácompared to everyone else.

This match is mostly a showcase for the ROH Dojo trio of Joey, Will, and CB. Of the heel team, Kenny Lush gets the most shine, but his moments are outdone by all the times he gets one-upped by his opponents. The Guerrillas get two opportunities to show off their double team moves, and they blow one of them. Anaya spends most of his time slapping Hoodie to fire him up, but it never does him any good.

Joey D.’s jacked, and the most interesting parts of the match involve him and Lush battling. Ferrara looks as good as usual. He takes the heat. Cheeseburger doesn’t do much more than a couple palm strikes. He’s really not appealing to me. I don’t care for wrestlers named after food, and he doesn’t have much more going for him than an unorthodox look and a gimmick of being popular in Japan.

THe action is fast-paced, at least. It’s not a boring match, there’s just nothing outright impressive enough to recommend it. The good guys win after they each hit a move on Anaya: JD does an Attitude Adjustment, CB does a palm strike, and WF does a convoluted flatliner variation.

Winners – The ROH Dojo Bros

Rating – OK


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