Metro Pro: The KC Wolves vs. The Riegel Twins (June 4, 2016)

The Riegels Twins are Logan and Sterling. The KC Wolves are Graham Bell and Luke Langley. Both teams work most of the match as babyfaces, but the fans seem to be behind the Riegels, probably due to familiarity. One of the Riegels (I think Logan) does some sweet gymnastics to avoid a move, but unfortunately, he falls on his butt at the end. He recovers well and keeps going. The Riegels pull of stereo backflips into dropkicks that I wish were just a little bit more in sync. Then I think Sterling is the one who tries a standing shooting star press and gets the knees from Graham Bell.

Bell and Langley show off some good double team combos. Langley in particular looks good in his execution of different moves. They keep Riegel from tagging for several minutes before he catches Langley with a lovely blockbuster and slowly crawls over to make the hot tag. (Probably) Logan Riegel ends up expelling Langley and hitting a (slow) reverse rana on Bell. He takes his time covering, and Langley breaks it up. The Wolves land some slow double team combos before the Riegels send the outside so that (probably) Sterling can jump onto them from the top rope. Then (probably) Logan does a crazy tope con hilo over the ringpost.

In the ring, the Riegels hit a synchronized SSP/moonsault onto Bell, but Langley pulls the referee out of the ring. A Riegel tries to go get him, but Langley trips him on the apron and keeps distracting the ref. The other Riegel is distracted, so Bell low blows him (complete with a flipping of the bird) and rolls him up to get the tainted victory.

Winners – The KC Wolves

Rating – OK

Not bad, but slower than I would’ve preferred. That last combo by the Wolves was frustratingly sluggish. Fortunately, based on the rest of the match, that seems to have been an anomaly. The Riegels are very young in their careers, so their fumbles are expected. I think they have a bright future if they stay healthy. Overall, though, the dives and spots are worth watching, but I do kind of wish this would’ve been more of sprint.


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