Big Site Update

Pretty simple stuff, really. I’ve split the site in two. I like to cover wrestling from both my hometown region (Kansas City) and the region where I currently reside (China), but there’s really zero crossover between the two, so it’s been kind of odd to have them mixed up on the same site. Having two blogs will give each the focus they deserve and make the whole thing easier to navigate.

Panda Power-Plex will feature all of my reviews of matches from China and southeast Asia. I’ve already exported all my previous reviews that meet that criteria over there, so if you’re looking for any of those, head that direction. For everything else, stay here.

Panda Power-Plex is named for the animal that is most commonly associated with China as well as one of my favorite tag team moves (performed by Power & Glory in the WWF days).

My Hook the Leg, Man! Tumblr and Twitter accounts will update when I post to either blog, so no need to go looking for a different Panda Power-Plex account there.


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