NWL KC: Chad Barstow vs. Thor Theriot (January 7, 2017) (Episode 2)

Social media addict vs. thunder god?

The NWL is uploading a lot to their YouTube channel in a short amount of time, so I think I’m going to have to alter my review style to keep up.

Thor Theriot (pronounced TARE-EE-OH) is a big, tough, athletic dude whose bad side you don’t want to be on. He also wrestles at Devin Thomas for Magnum Pro in Nebraska. I’ve not seen Chad Barstow before, but he’s definitely a character. His goal is to promote himself all over Twitter, Instagram, etc. (UPDATE: Chad Barstow has also wrestled as Josh FX.)

I liked this match a lot. Thor has charisma, a good look, athleticism – just about the whole package, at least from my perspective. Barstow is a great, relevant character, and he’s also quite good in the ring. (He and the Selfie King from MKW ought to compare notes over Skype or WeChat.) He doesn’t dominate Thor, but he keeps the advantage on him long enough to get his selfie stick and video himself standing over Thor. This leads to the inevitable moment of Thor kipping up behind him and Chad seeing it on the screen.

Thor gets hits a rolling elbow, a bicycle knee kick, and finishes Chad off with a fireman’s carry into a gutbuster. Commentator Ben Miller calls it “Raganork,” but I think he meant “Ragnarök.” No worries, Ben, I couldn’t pronounce it at first, either.

Winner – Thor Theriot

Rating – Good

Afterwards, Roscoe Leech of the Leech Talent Agency comes out to proposition Chad. He says he’s seen him on “the Twitter Box,” “Spacebook,” and “Insta-hatch,” and calls him Brad. Chad answers him by shoving his cowboy had into his face. Leech says (without sarcasm), “I think that went pretty well!”


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