NWL KC Episode 2 Review

Team KC vs. Team STL: Round 1

All matches are from the January 7, 2017 tapings.

President Major Baisden introduces the NWL

This is similar to Major’s presentation on NWL STL Episode 1 (though this one happened first). If you don’t already know the ins and outs of the NWL model, check out my summary. His PowerPoint presentation gets a short “PowerPoint!” chant. Todd Letterman (Kevin Lee Davidson), Dez Wellston (Mike Outlaw), Christian Adonis (I dunno), and Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez (Lucy Mendez) of NWL STL interrupt. Letterman chastises Major for being biased towards Kansas City. He rips on the Chiefs. Major is unintimidated, saying that he might be a little biased, but he’s impartial. When NWL STL does well, so does he, and the same is true for NWL KC and all the fans. He takes exception to the crew interrupting him and getting in his face, and he seems willing to throw down. The Royal Blood (Riegel Twins) come to his defense, and a brawl begins. Blaine Meeks (Bolt Brady) makes the save with a chair. Major makes the six-man tag for the main event.

Chad Barstow vs. Thor Theriot

I already did a review of this match, so I’ll just reprint it:

Thor Theriot (pronounced TARE-EE-OH) is a big, tough, athletic dude whose bad side you don’t want to be on. He also wrestles at Devin Thomas for Magnum Pro in Nebraska. I’ve not seen Chad Barstow before, but he’s definitely a character. His goal is to promote himself all over Twitter, Instagram, etc. (UPDATE: Chad Barstow has also wrestled as Josh FX.)

I liked this match a lot. Thor has charisma, a good look, athleticism – just about the whole package, at least from my perspective. Barstow is a great, relevant character, and he’s also quite good in the ring. (He and the Selfie King from MKW ought to compare notes over Skype or WeChat.) He doesn’t dominate Thor, but he keeps the advantage on him long enough to get his selfie stick and video himself standing over Thor. This leads to the inevitable moment of Thor kipping up behind him and Chad seeing it on the screen.

Thor gets hits a rolling elbow, a bicycle knee kick, and finishes Chad off with a fireman’s carry into a gutbuster. Commentator Ben Miller calls it “Raganork,” but I think he meant “Ragnarök.” No worries, Ben, I couldn’t pronounce it at first, either.

Winner – Thor Theriot

Rating – Good

Afterwards, Roscoe Leech of the Leech Talent Agency comes out to proposition Chad. He says he’s seen him on “the Twitter Box,” “Spacebook,” and “Insta-hatch,” and calls him Brad. Chad answers him by shoving his cowboy had into his face. Leech says (without sarcasm), “I think that went pretty well!”

KC vs. STL Series: NWL KC (Royal Blood (Jet & Jax) & Blaine Meeks) vs. NWL STL (Todd Letterman, Dez Wellston & Christian Adonis (w/ Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez))

The series begins at 0-0.

Very good six-man that’s only hampered slightly by some downtime in the middle. Adonis is the only guy who didn’t get much chance to shine. He wasn’t bad by any means, but he comes across as kind of the odd man out by the end. The Royals make with the flips and the getting thrown around. Wellston tears it up when he’s in with Meeks, and he starts the match as a sportsman, but frustration makes him resort to rule-bending later on.

Letterman and Meeks get the most focus, though not so much together. Meeks is “mild mannered,” maybe the first “nerd” character who still looks like he belongs in the ring. Letterman allegedly had his NFL career ended by someone from Kansas City, so he’s bitter and wants to take it out the city. He puts on a clinic in how to be a big jerk heel, mocking the crowd and his opponents while he slams and crushes people. I’m actually disappointed that he won’t be a regular on NWL KC TV. He does a Finlay roll with BOTH Royals on his back!

The finishing stretch couldn’t be much better. Letterman accidentally takes Wellston out with a rolling lariat. Meeks takes out Adonis with a knee. Letterman avoids a lung blower but catches a Codebreaker from Meeks. Jet and Meeks team up for a tandem blockbuster/lung blower, and the Meeks dives onto the other two STL guys while the Royals superkick Letterman. Meeks splashes Letterman from the top, and the Royals hit a standing moonsault and shooting star press in stereo to pin Letterman. It took everything to keep the big guy down, including two men pinning him at once.

Winners – Blaine Meeks and The Royal Blood (KC 1-0 STL)

Rating – Good

(It’s not included on this episode, but after the live show originally happened, Dak Draper kicked Blaine Meeks off of Team KC and took his place for when they went to NWL STL the next week. This makes sense because KC needed to be the heels in St. Louis, and Draper is a natural heel while Meeks’ character is much more lovable.)

Overall: Good. Good show! Good matches! Worth watching! I’m ready for more!


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