IPW: The Fight and Flight Connection vs. The Legend Killers (January 21, 2017)

Nathen Edwards and Clay Cooper( the Fight and Flight Connection) beat Matty Star and Sparrow (the Legend Killers) in their first meeting last fall. The rematch happened earlier in January, and it went to a no contest when both teams got counted out.

This one starts fast and doesn’t slow down for very long. Thankfully, there’s more than one camera angle this time. Edwards clotheslines Star and Cooper hits him with a blackout stomp to get a nearfall right away. The Killers then dispose of Edwards and beat up Cooper for a while (nice fisherman’s suplex-into-neckbreaker). Cooper makes the first hot tag of the match so Edwards can clean up, but he hits the Star with a flatliner while Sparrow is legal, so he can’t get the pin. His disbelief gets him taken advantage of, and now he’s the guy getting the beatdown. Star gets vicious, stomping Edwards a ton after some perceived offense. Edwards has a longer tag drought before finally getting hot tag #2. Cooper comes in, and everybody’s going everywhere. Everyone hits their own dives, including Matty Star pulling off an Asai moonsault. Cooper hits two: a tightrope walk into a moonsault and a top rope corkscrew.

By the time they get back into the ring, the referee has given up on enforcing tags, so it’s essentially tornado rules. Edwards hits a Pedigree on Star, but Sparrow kicks him in the head. Cooper hits Sparrow with a stunner. F&F plow into Star in the corner. They set up for double top rope moves, but Sparrow knocks Edwards down. Cooper fends off Sparrow, counters Star, and hits a 450 splash. Sparrow breaks up the pin and ultimately hits Cooper with something like a Benadryller, followed by Star hitting him with a super kick. Sparrow holds Cooper for Star to deliver a running knee strike (sans knee pad) and the pin.

Winners – The Legend Killers

Rating – Good


Midnight Guthrie hyped this up on Twitter, and he was definitely right to. This was easily the best match I’ve ever seen from IPW. All action, not a lot of filler, lots of emotion. Can’t wait to see where these two teams go from here.


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