NWL KC: Christian Adonis vs. Maverick (February 4, 2017)

An NWL STL showcase match in Kansas City. How will the fans react?

Looks like this match just missed the cut for episode 6. I just discovered that Christian Adonis has also wrestled as Elvis Aliaga in WLW and Metro Pro, among others.

Adonis comes out first and gets a “Fight KC” chant. He calls Kansas City “second rate” and “second place” and says he’s the prettiest thing KC will ever see. He makes a crack about KC not being in the Super Bowl, but Maverick’s music interrupts him.

Maverick’s a big Texan who looks a bit like Curtis Axel. He seems to be getting a big push on the NWL STL side. Adonis is one of the upper-level heels who’s still expendable. Were he a bit bigger, this match could qualify as a hoss fight. He does show some power when he sort of half-suplexes Maverick out of the ring. He foolishly gets into a chop battle with Maverick, but he still controls most of the action on the floor. The referee lets them brawl for so long that Scott Bowden calls him “Bernie Sanders” on commentary (because he’s liberal with the rules).

Back in the ring, Adonis clubs and kicks and stomps to keep Maverick down. Maverick comes back with a spinning backdrop (almost a Proto-bomb, ala John Cena) and a crossface. Adonis hits a DDT but misses a high crossbody. Maverick drops him with Polish hammers and a big lariat. Adonis catches him on the apron with a Final Cut/Eye of the Hurricane through the ropes. He gets frustrated and goes for a rolling lariat or forearm, but Maverick ducks it, kicks him, picks him up, and hits a running Gory bomb (called the Sure Shot) for the three.

Winner – Maverick

Rating – Good

I was worried that the crowd would be conditioned to crap on both guys since they’re both representing St. Louis. But Maverick handily won them over with his intensity and power. There was good action all around. Adonis still looked competitive against the big guy, so he doesn’t forfeit much in a loss. I hope that the KC guys looked this good or better when they put on their own showcase match in NWL STL (which I think has already happened as I type this).


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