NWL KC Episode 7 Review

Lemonade’s a killer.

Taped on February 18, 2017.

Dak Draper’s “Dreams Come True” Open Challenge: Dak Draper vs. Thor Theriot

Draper is greeted by chants of “Tighty Whities” directed at his trunks. One fan even waves a huge pair of briefs around. I’m not going to speculate on where he got them. Draper says his “Shame…on…you” catchphrase and blames KC for not giving him enough competition. He forgets Thor’s name (on purpose) and says that Thor’s hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, is known for two things, but Thor’s music cuts him off.

This match feels fairly long because of Draper’s methodical heat segment. They start off trading headlocks and arm drags, and the larger Draper has most of the control, though it’s not totally one-sided. After several spurts of offense from Thor, Draper does take complete control for quite a while and mostly toys with Thor and the crowd. Eventually, Thor fights back and hits a dropkick to the back and a German suplex. He lands the Swanton Bomb, but Draper kicks outs. Draper escapes Ragnarök and hits an inverted DDT, then tries for the Mile High Doctor Bomb, but Thor escapes. Thor sends him outside and hits a tope, then rolls him in and prepares for perhaps a springboard. While the ref checks on Draper, Michael Strider runs out and waffles Thor with a chair from behind. Draper pulls him in and performs the MHDB for the shady victory.

Solid if not exciting. Draper reminds me more and more of Matt Morgan with his look and height. That’s not a bad thing, but his matches have failed to really grab me most of the time. I was worried that he’d get a clean win over Thor and derail the Nebraskan’s momentum in the title tournament, but thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Winner – Dak Draper via someone else’s revenge

Rating – OK

Strider lays some shots into Thor before leaving.

Marti Belle interviews Buddy Shepherd (Evan Gelistico) and Skyler Beckett (Everett Connors) of NWL STL backstage. Shepherd is a self-help guru/televangelist/cult leader kinda guy, and Beckett has recently joined his “Buddy System.” Buddy says that Kansas City is full of “Nega-Buddies” who can’t be saved; they take instead of give. He tells a story about how Kansas City wrestling killed his grandpappy by poisoning his lemonade. Beckett says he kinda likes KC, but Shepherd reiterates his point and tearily promises that Kansas City won’t win tonight.

NWL KC Championship Tournament Round 1: Niles Plonk (w/ Belvedere) vs. Joe

Joe is not seconded by Mac this time. Plonk is getting finicky about how his name should be pronounced “Plonké,” even though there’s no “e.”

Basic match with Plonk working over Joe up until Joe’s fiery comeback. Plonk jumps Joe after getting the referee to check Joe’s boots for grease. He pretty much attacks all of Joe’s body parts at different points. He also calls Joe a “Two Buck Chuck,” which may be a wine reference, but it sounds like something to do with cheap meat. Joe comes back and runs through some offensive moves (including a D-Lo Brown leg drop) before hoisting Plonk onto his shoulders in an impressive manner. Belvedere pulls Plonk off from the apron from an angle that the ref can’t see, and Plonk hits Joe with the Uncorker driving snapmare to advance in the tournament.

Winner – Niles Plonk

Rating – OK

Marti interviews Jeremy Wyatt and Michael Strider. Wyatt says he’s not fighting for Kansas City fans in the KC vs. STL series, he’s fighting for Kansas City wrestling, which he says he built. Strider proudly says that he attacked Thor Theriot earlier as a gift to Wyatt, and he’s intending on interfering in any match he wants until the day he dies. Major Baisden appears and bans Strider from the rest of the show. He tells Marti that he’d love to stay and chat but he has a Powerpoint to do.

KC vs. STL Series: “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt vs. Skyler Beckett (w/ Buddy Shepherd)

Kansas City and St. Louis are tied 1-1.

Skyler has a rich kid look to him, but he doesn’t seem too snobby. Shepherd tries to be nice to the crowd, but some fans chant “We killed your pappy,” so he throws down his jacket and tie and says he hates all of them. He says Wyatt can claim to represent Kansas City wrestling, but he sucks. Skyler tries to calm him down.

The in-ring work is fine in this match, but I feel like the wrestlers are fighting an uphill battle trying to get the crowd to care, especially in Beckett’s case. Wyatt’s representing KC, but he hates the fans and works like a heel. Beckett bobs his head and waves his hands in typical babyface style, trying to get the crowd behind him, but he’s representing St. Louis and has a slimy manager at ringside who keeps trying to get involved.

Fortunately, something unexpected happens at the end of the match to make it worthwhile. The referee gets squashed in the corner and rolls out, and Wyatt and Beckett hit crossbody blocks at the same time. While everyone’s down, Shepherd gets in the ring and pulls brass knuckles out of his pocket, winding up to hit Wyatt. Suddenly, Roscoe Leech – the goofy old talent agent who’s been unsuccessfully trying to recruit people since the first show – runs in and hits a Stunner on Shepherd. He yells, “Not in my town!” as the fans cheer him on.

As everyone recovers, Beckett goes up top and gets caught with a superplex from Wyatt. Wyatt then piledrives him and gets three.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt (KC 2-1 STL)

Rating – OK

Leech pitches to Wyatt after the match. He says that people think he’s all talk, but he just showed that he’s a man of action. Since Strider’s gone, he asks Wyatt for one good reason why he doesn’t come to the Leech Talent Agency. With a dopey grin, Wyatt points out that the fans think he should join, and he asks if he can get a hat like Leech’s. Leech gives him his own hat, and Wyatt spits in it and puts it back on his head. As usual, Leech thinks that went pretty well.

Overall: OK. Roscoe Leech’s run-in saved the last match from being a total head-scratcher and made the Strider/Wyatt/Baisden angle quite enjoyable. Can’t wait to see what the naïve old coot gets up to next. Everything outside of the specific moments surrounding that angle was fairly bland to me. Just kind of killing time until we can get to the meat of the title tournament.

YouTube Exclusives

Since the NWL posts a lot of backstage stuff on YouTube that doesn’t make it onto the shows, I’m going to start linking to the related content at the end of each show review.

Niles Plonk says he’s going to give Thor an education in class when they meet in the next round of the tournament.

Thor doesn’t mention the tournament or Plonk, but he freaks out a bit about Strider and how everything seems to be unraveling.

Roscoe Leech says he’s not going to be jacked with and that people who who join the Leech Talent Agency are going to go places in this town.


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