NWL KC Episode 8 Review

Don’t threaten the boss’s kids.

Taped on February 18, 2017

Major Baisden PowerPoint Presentation

After going over some non-kayfabe stuff about a new sponsor, upcoming events, and VIP ticketing packages, the boss addresses the Howletts’ recent attack on the Royal Blood. They’re being investigated for racketeering (hiring the Mancini’s to attack Jet Royal) and breaking both NWL and State Athletic Commission rules (tying up and beating Jax Royal). The Royal Blood have yet to be cleared for competition by doctors (so let’s just forget that this match happened. Please). The Howletts come out to intimidate Baisden, but he threatens to fire them. Marco tells him to think about the consequences of his actions and points out that Daniela is sitting next to Baisden’s kids in the crowd. Baisden shoos her away and hugs his kids, but Marco says, “It’s that easy.” Baisden approaches the Howletts, but they back him into the corner. Red Cloud  and Blaine Meeks run out to make the save.

NWL KC Championship Tournament Round 1: Ken Dharma vs. Gil Rogers

Enjoyable match. I love how Rogers’s moveset is almost entirely basic wrestling moves, and yet he can get such a good reaction doing them. Of course, Ken Dharma is probably one of the best wrestlers in the world to put in an abdominal stretch because he’s so flexible. Rogers controls early. Dharma takes over by crotching him on the top rope. Rogers comes back with a few throws and a high crossbody, but can’t put Dharma away. Rogers misses a knee strike and gets kicked in the head. Dharma applies Kickstarting the Elephant to pin him, but Rogers looks to be out anyway.

I hope they milk Rogers’s losing streak and save his first win for a time when it’ll get the biggest reaction.

Winner – Ken Dharma, advancing to the next round.

Rating – Good

Chad Barstow vs. “Lockdown” Ray Briggs

Fans chant “Hashtag You Suck!” at Barstow. That’s a good one.

Fairly short match, which is good. Barstow mocks Briggs when he asks for a handshake, so Briggs fires off some offence on him, including his very high dropkick. Barstow gets the advantage after the worst handspring into a kick ever. He makes up for it by doing everything else well, at least. Briggs hits a springboard clothesline and a leg lariat, then calls for the Pick 6, but Devlin appears on the big screen. He’s in his house and says that he’s having a good time while Briggs is getting his butt kicked. Even his dog thinks Briggs is a loser. This distracts Briggs long enough for Barstow to climb up and hit a Blockbuster for the pin. I’m so happy that he didn’t just grab a roll up.

Winner – Chad Barstow

Rating – OK

The Howletts (Marco & Leonel) (w/ Daniela) vs. “Lakota Warrior” Red Cloud & Blaine Meeks

Good, heated tag team match that doesn’t waste time. They go right at it, but they eventually have to settle into tag format. This happens after Daniela puts herself/is pulled between Meeks and a Howlett, and the other one hits him from behind. Meeks takes the heat and is kept from tagging at least three times. The Howletts slam him and hit consecutive cannonballs into the corner. He’s just getting squashed all around, but he fires back and finally makes that hot tag so the big guy can come in and clean house. Red Cloud hits the Bow and Arrow on Marco and Meeks hits a very high crossbody on Leonel. The heroes get set for some sort of double team move, but Leonel hits them both with a pipe to get disqualified.

Winners – Red Cloud & Blaine Meeks by DQ

Rating – Good

Marco clocks the ref with a chain, and then the Howletts pull out a couple of tables. The Royal Blood’s music plays, and they come in from the crowd to attack the Howletts. Superkicks galore; you’d think they were the Young Bucks. They set up a table so Red Cloud can chokeslam Leonel through it. Then they prep another one and help Red Cloud break it in half with Marco’s body via powerbomb. The babyfaces stand tall to end the show.

Overall: Good. I definitely preferred this episode to the last one. Maybe I like this group of wrestler better, or maybe the Howletts/Royal Blood feud is just the most compelling thing right now. I do think the angle at the beginning meant that all the matches had to be shorter, and since I like matches that don’t waste time, these ones were more up my alley. Based on the angles he gets involved in (especially on the STL side, which I don’t cover here), I think Major Baisden is probably going to wrestle one of these days. Either way, he’s still better than either of the McMahons as an authority figure.

YouTube Exclusives

Gil Rogers is disappointed by his loss, but he’s not going to give up as long as the fans keep chanting for him.

Leonel Howlett says it took four guys and two tables to keep them down, and now you have to worry about what happens next.

Ken Dharma says he isn’t afraid of Red Cloud in the tournament and gives himself a lot of yoga-themed nicknames.

Still smarting from getting hit with a pipe, Red Cloud says he and Blaine Meeks ended the Howletts. Meeks says he doesn’t advocate extreme violence, but they did what had to be done.

The Royal Blood make an NBA All-Star Weekend reference and say that, when the Howletts come back from the hospital, they’ll be waiting.


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