NWL STL: Blaine Meeks vs. Jay Lutz (February 23, 2017)

Is the Missouri State Athletic Commission okay with wrestling while under the influence?

KC vs. STL Series – Kansas City leads the series 2-1.

In a bit of a reversal from the last match in the city vs. city series, this one features two total babyfaces going up against one another, and from an in-ring standpoint, they’re a good match. They never really kick it into overdrive like they probably could, but they put on a pretty good match. Despite representing the opposing side, Meeks remains a good guy throughout the whole match, only acting a little confused when he’s booed. The only heelish act is perpetrated by Lutz, who, after accepting a handshake at the start, offers a second handshake and spits beer in Meeks’s face during the match.

They go back and forth a lot, but Meeks has control for a small majority. There are a lot of good kicks and suplexes. Both men are fairly agile, though Meeks’s long and lanky frame makes it hard for him to do some things as quickly as other can. Lutz seems to have a gimmick of being so drunk that he doesn’t succumb to pain easily, but he’s still lucid enough to be on target with suicide dives.

Lutz kicks out after a variation of Meeks’s backstabber, and Meeks makes sure to sell his shock. Meeks hits a tope con hilo. Lutz comes back with a jawbreaker and a lifting knee strike. They exchange forearms and head chops before Meeks is dropkicked into the poor, fragile referee, who goes down. Dak Draper runs in and hits Meeks with a Doctor Bomb and makes to put Lutz on top of him, but then he does the same move to Lutz and covers him with Meeks before fleeing. The ref wakes up and counts the three for the KC side.

Winner – Blaine Meeks (KC 3-1 STL)

Rating – Good

Afterwards, both guys pull themselves up and ultimately shake hands. Lutz raises Meeks’s hand, but he looks annoyed. Meeks looks both annoyed and confused.

YouTube Exclusives

Blaine Meeks’s interview is interrupted by Dak Draper, who says he’s the guy to get things done and makes fun of Meeks’s initials. Meeks still acts like Draper’s his friend, but he seems to be slowly realizing the truth.

A frustrated Jay Lutz is coming to Kansas City to prove a point…after he takes a nap.

Dak Draper says he’s in St. Louis as an insurance policy because the city that wins the series gets a bonus. He pronounces shame on everybody and pisses Marti Bell off by getting her name wrong.



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