NWL KC Episode 9 Review

“What proof do you have that Michael Strider is the Devil?”

Taped on March 4, 2017

The show opens with a clip from a previous Ken Dharma promo interspersed with clips of him in action. He explains how his flexibility and ability to levitate will help him beat Red Cloud.

NWL KC Championship Tournament Round 2: Ken Dharma vs. “Lakota Warrior” Red Cloud

I’ve seen these two wrestle before (as Mike Sydal and Redwing, respectively), and it’s so odd to think that a guy as thin as Dharma could ever do any real damage to someone as thick and strong as Red Cloud. They get as close to believable as I’ve seen so far when Dharma uses the ring post to hurt Red Cloud’s shoulder and continues to target it with all of his offense going forward. The excitement of the match is also helped by not having Red Cloud win right after he makes his comeback. He powers up and turns the tables on Dharma, but when he goes for the Bow and Arrow, Dharma escapes and goes back after the shoulder. But then he makes the mistake of climbing to the top rope, and that’s when Red Cloud pulls him into the Bow and Arrow for the pin.

The winner was never in doubt for me, but they kept it interesting, and now Red Cloud’s shoulder might be a question mark going into the next round.

Winner – Red Cloud, advancing to the “Final Four”

Rating – Good

We get a Niles Plonk promo cut with match clips.

NWL KC Championship Tournament Round 2: Niles Plonk (w/ Belvedere) vs. Thor Theriot

Interestingly, Niles Plonk’s fan club seems to be in the house tonight. Not sure if they’re just a vocal minority or if the crowd is actually getting behind him.

Plonk’s heat segment is really well done here. He gets over on Thor with a sneaky cheapshot and works him over with old school moves like a stump puller and a “barrel roll” (rolling body scissors). His “grape stomp” also seems to be getting over. Thor, trapped in his guard, pulls Plonk up by his nose (more or less) and plants him in the corner to start his energetic comeback. Plonk escapes a Ragnarök attempt but gets caught in a big, spinning blue thunder driver.

Thor goes up top and gets caught by Plonk, but then he throws Plonk off and prepares for the Swanton. Michael Strider comes out onto the entranceway with a chair. As the referee goes out to stop Strider from getting involved, Jeremy Wyatt runs in from the crowd and low blows Thor, then bails. Plonk hits the Uncorker for the tainted win. Very good work from both guys and a big escalation to the Thor/Wyatt feud.

Winner – Niles Plonk, advancing to the “Final Four” thanks to outside help.

Rating – Good

Scott Slade vs. “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt (w/ Michael Strider)

Slade lost to Dak Draper in his first appearance. This time, he amps up the James Bond theme by coming out in a white tuxedo, and he’s announced as being from Las Vegas. He says that Kansas Citians have always been hard-working people who don’t cut corners, and that’s why he likes them. He doesn’t like Jeremy Wyatt’s “circus sideshow act” or his “ringmaster,” Michael Strider. He calls out Wyatt and says he has “two hands for both you sideshow clowns.”

Solid, steady match. Certainly better than Slade vs. Draper, which makes me less high on Draper. Slade shows off some Judo and some power. I’ll bet deadlifting Wyatt is easier than deadlifting Draper was. Wyatt works the ribs. There’s a spinning side slam that looks a little awkward because Wyatt is so much thinner than he used to be while Slade has such a large upper body.

Slade kicks out of the elbow drop and escapes a piledriver. He gets two off a draping DDT, and Strider gets on the apron to yell at the ref. Suddenly, Thor Theriot appears out of nowhere and waffles Strider with a chair (payback for what Strider did to him last time). He then goes after Wyatt, causing the ref to call for the bell.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt by DQ

Rating – Good

Theriot pounds on Wyatt as Slade tries to pull him off. Slade and Thor argue, allowing Wyatt to attack and go for the piledriver. Thor escapes and tries Ragnarök, but Wyatt slips off and flees. Thor chases him to the back.

YouTube Exclusives (including spoilers for NWL KC episode 10)

Red Cloud wants to be NWL KC’s first champion…even if it means going through his friend.

Jeremy Wyatt kept his promise to take Thor out of the tournament. Michael Strider says they’re just getting warmed up. They both bring up Donald Trump’s favorite Bible verse.

Marti is sorry for Scott Slade’s loss. Scott Slade talked to Major Baisden, and he’s getting both Wyatt and Thor in a triple threat match at the next show.

Niles Plonk calls Thor and Wyatt’s feud a “trailer park war.” He respects his opponent in the next round, but even he can stand to learn a touch of class and sophistication.

Overall: Good. Okay, I wrote last time that the Royal Blood/Howletts feud was the most interesting thing in NWL KC, but now the Wyatt/Thor feud is up there. Those two have already had a couple of good matches, and I can’t wait for the next one, because there’s going to be a lot more heat. Red Cloud advanced in the tournament, as expected, and he’s my pick to go all the way and represent KC against St. Louis at the end of the year. Plonk was a lot more enjoyable against Thor than he has been before. Slade is turning into someone (though I kind of wish he was British, but whatever). Either I’m just in a good mood today, or things are really moving along!


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