NWL KC: Dez Wellston vs. Buddy Shepherd (March 4, 2017)


It’s another NWL STL showcase match in Kansas City.

Buddy cuts a grumpy promo before the match, saying that Jay Lutz was supposed to be here, but someone poisoned his beer last night, so Buddy had him flown back to St. Louis (“where they have real doctors”). He also told his protégé, Skyler Beckett, to stay home because KC is so nasty. He says that St. Louis hasn’t had a single crime, and out comes Dez Wellston (who happens to be from a crime-ridden part of St. Louis, but that isn’t brought up). Buddy invites Dez into the Buddy System, but Dez refuses, so Buddy gets hot and initiates the match.

This is pretty much a longer version of what I expected it to be. Dez, the regular wrestler, shows up Buddy early on but gets ahead of himself and misses a plancha to the floor. Buddy then takes control for quite some time, and almost all of his offense is what I would call “rule-breaker moves.” Stomps, eye gouges, face-raking, chokes – the types of attacks and holds that were filed under “rule-breaker” in the old SmackDown! video games. The majority of the match is comprised of Buddy doing these kinds of things to Dez, so if you like cool spots, you won’t find them here. I know Evan Gelistico is capable of more, but his character here isn’t normally a wrestler, so this type of work makes a lot of sense. I think his heat lasts a little too long, though.

Dez fights back with a sweet dropkick (helped a lot by Buddy’s bump). He hits a lot of punches and kicks of his own and drops Buddy with a springboard Euro uppercut. Then he puts the white boy away with top rope elbow drop.

Winner – Dez Wellston

Rating – OK

I’m gonna hazard a guess and say that Dez was originally booked to take on Jay Lutz but something got in the way. That match probably would’ve been pretty swell. What we got was fine for what it was, just a little lengthy. It helped that most of the crowd got behind Dez; I was worried they’d crap on him, but after Buddy’s promo, I think anyone who opposed him would’ve gotten a hero’s welcome in KC.

YouTube Exclusive

Buddy confesses (to St. Louis) that he’s not a trained athlete and he lost his temper, but he vows to not lose his control, and instead, he will control KC.


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