NWL STL: Blaine Meeks vs. Niles Plonk (March 9, 2017)

Is Meeks about to Hulk up? (No, the other Hulk.)

This is an NWL KC showcase match in St. Louis. Last time Blaine Meeks was here, he was mostly booed as he went against hometown favorite Jay Lutz. This time, though, Niles Plonk comes out first and rags on St. Louis for having no class. He says that even though Kansas City is full of “Two Buck Chucks,” he still signed with NWL KC because St. Louis is completely hopeless. They are “B.O.B., Bottom Of the Barrel.” One guy in the crowd shouts, “We like that stuff!” Plonk responds, “You would like that stuff in your trailer home.” He invites the fans to feast their eyes on the only class and sophistication they’ve seen in a very long time, and he’s worthy of their cheers. (Get it?)

So Meeks gets a much better ovation this time around.

They have a solid match that gets some good reactions from the crowd and seems to hint at something in Meeks’s future. Plonk does get the heat for a period of time, but it’s actually a pretty back-and-forth affair. Plonk has impressed me in recent outings after seeming kind of dull at first. He seems to have upped his intensity, and his Grape Stomp has been getting loud responses. Meeks has a little trouble pulling off this one front slam, but otherwise, he’s on at his regular medium-high level.

Perhaps the most noteworthy instance (provided that it goes somewhere later) occurs as Plonk is laying in some punches to Meeks. As he goes to deliver a big right hand, Meeks catches his fist and twists his arm. It’s a very superhero-inspired moment, and the look on Meeks’s face seems to signal that he’s surprised himself with his sudden burst of strength. The announcers also make sure to play it up in the moment as well as after the match, so it definitely seems like foreshadowing.

Plonk can’t get the pin after an airplane spin into a Samoan driver, so he sets up the Uncorker, but Meeks counters. They fight briefly in the corner, and Meeks hits the Comic Mischief backstabber as he leaps from the second rope to put Plonk away.

Winner – Blaine Meeks

Rating – Good


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