NWL KC Episode 11 Review

The Howletts do the unthinkable.

Taped on March 18, 2017

Major Baisden Announcement

We open in the middle of Major Baisden announcing that the NWL is releasing a line of wine with wrestlers’ names on the bottles. Cue Niles Plonk to take exception to anyone else’s name being associated with “fine, vintage wine.” He says Baisden doesn’t care about what the company represents, and he criticizes the other three competitors in the final four of the KC title tournament. According to Plonk, Dak Draper’s fraternity lifestyle reflects poorly on the NWL, Red Cloud is too unsophisticated, and Blaine Meeks’s last name represents weakness. (That’s a common misconception of the term “meek,” by the way.) Blaine Meeks comes out, but before he can say anything, Dak Draper interrupts him yet again to angrily say that none of the other guys are relevant when it comes to the heavyweight title. He tells Plonk, “I didn’t like class when I was in school, and I sure don’t care about it now!” Then he tells Meeks that nobody wants to be his friend and calls him names. Red Cloud cuts off Dak’s catch phrase, and Baisden excuses himself for the “foursome.” Red Cloud says he’s here to fight. Plonk throws his wine in Meeks’ face. Meeks says that it was “terribly upsetting” and drops Plonk with a punch. Draper and Red Cloud have a staredown but don’t come to blows. This may be the best opening segment in the NWL’s short history.

As ring announcer Don Diablo is about to announce a match, The Howletts make their return and chase him out of the ring. Marco says that it took four men and two tables to stop them last time. Leonel says it wasn’t the first time they’d taken a butt-kicking, and the ring is their domain. He says that this is real, and Marco bets that there isn;’t another team that can step in and face the “Men of Mayhem.” This brings out The End in camo and gas masks (because they’re doomsday preppers, remember), and the fight is on.

The Howletts (Marco & Leonel) vs. The End (Kyle Mars & Luke Holliday)

Hooray, The End is back! We haven’t seen them since Episode 3 when they beat the Mancinis.

Despite the brawling start, this is your standard tag match. Luke Holliday takes all of the heat, and the Howletts are being pretty vicious with their double team combos. After The End’s initial shine, Holliday gets next to nothing in until the Howletts go for corner cannonballs one time to many. Holliday evades and fights out of the corner to make the hot tag.

Kyle Mars cleans house and cuts off each Howlett as they try to fight back. The End can’t get the pin with an enzuigiri/Stunner combo, and they waste time telegraphing their next move attempt. Leonel shoves Holliday off the top to the floor, and the Howletts put Mars away with a sort of wheelbarrow Ace Crusher thing.

Winners – The Howletts

Rating – Good

Afterwards, the Howletts make to hit Mars with brass knuckles, but Holliday pulls him to safety.

We see the backstage interview with Marti Bell that The Royal Blood did after the last show (after they beat The Underground in a no DQ match). They put each other over and talk about their newfound aggression. They’ve taken care of the Howletts and The Underground, but there’s still one team they want to beat. They know who they are.

Next comes a highlight package of both Blaine Meeks and Red Cloud to build up the next match. Meeks says every Hulk has a Wolverine. Red Cloud says he likes to smash and he wants to be champion.

NWL KC Championship Tournament Round 3: “The Lakota Warrior” Red Cloud vs. Blaine Meeks

Both guys are babyfaces and were the two guys who helped Royal Blood take out the Howletts. The winner of this match advances to the tournament finals.

This should be an early NWL Match of the Year candidate, though I think the finish hurts it slightly. Meeks can’t knock or slam Red Cloud down, so he tries to wear him out by moving around the ring a lot. Red Cloud catches him, though, and makes with the slams. He repeatedly tells Meeks to stay down, saying he doesn’t want to hurt him, but Meeks keeps trying to mount a comeback. Despite getting driven into the mat with two big spinebusters and a uranagi slam, Meeks does manage to hit a Meteora to stop Red Cloud’s momentum and recharge himself.

During his comeback, Meeks bodyslams Red Cloud like Hogan slammed Andre and can’t believe his own strength. Shortly after, he gets this look on his face that he’s had once before and goes for a suplex or brainbuster. Red Cloud escapes and hits a leg lariat for a close fall. He warms up for the Bow and Arrow and gets Meeks up on his shoulders, but Meeks lands on his feet when he’s thrown and pops up into a Comic Mischief Codebreaker. Red Cloud doesn’t leave his feet. A whip and charge into the corner lead Meeks to try a flipping Comic Mischief backstabber. It doesn’t connect very well, but it gets him the pin.

Winner – Blaine Meeks, advancing to the championship match.

Rating – Good

The Howletts attack suddenly as Meeks is exhausted and Red Cloud is still down. They handcuff Meeks to the top rope and get a table, then team up to chokeslam Red Cloud through it. Leonel produces some electric clippers and shaves off Red Cloud’s beard. Major Basiden comes out incensed. He calls out security, but the Howlett’s knock out the first two guys to come in. An army of orange shirts (as well as Derek Stone in a hoodie) come out to take the Howletts away (“We’d done this before!” they shout as they put their hands behind their heads). Meeks is freed and helps Red Cloud up as Leonel shouts that they just sent a message.

YouTube Exclusives (spoilers for NWL KC episode 12)

Blaine Meeks says he enjoyed wrestling Red Cloud, but he’s had enough of the Howletts. He argues with Marti about whether or not Dak Draper is a good guy (Marti doesn’t think so). He considers himself Dak’s protegé and is ready to prove himself to him.

Red Cloud (under a towel at first) says that the Howletts couldn’t just let it go. They had to shame him. But now he sees that nothing is off limits, and he’s coming for them.

Overall: Good. This felt like an important episode with an important main event and a big statement made by the Howletts at the end. If Dak Draper and Niles Plonk can outdo Meeks and Red Cloud on the next episode, I will be a very entertained camper.


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