NWL KC Episode 12 Review

The Battle of the Bloods is here!

Taped on March 18, 2017

We open with a video package about Dak Draper and Niles Plonk. Plonk says Draper needs class. Draper says Plonk needs height, a tan, handsomeness, and athleticism. Shame on him.

NWL KC Championship Tournament Round 3: “Mile High Magnum” Dak Draper vs. “The Connoisseur” Niles Plonk

Neither guy is a fan favorite, as evidenced by the “You both suck!” chant they get. The winner goes on to face Blaine Meeks to determine the inaugural NWL KC Champion.

I’m not ready to say that this match completely tops Blaine Meeks vs. Red Cloud from the last episode, but it’s pretty darn good in its own way. After stalling at the beginning, Draper is the aggressor for for the bulk of the match. He shows off his power and spends a lot of time getting frustrated with the fans for not cheering him.

I’m gonna have to say that Plonk is the star, though. As the smaller man with a less impressive win-loss record, he quickly becomes the de facto babyface. He cements this fact when he wraps Draper’s head in a giant pair of briefs (which a fan brought). He does a couple of his old fashioned moves and pulls off a variation of the Grape Stomp from the apron, but he also breaks out a few new tricks near the end of the match. I particularly liked his wrap-around cravat into a chin breaker on his knee. That needs an easier name.

The drama really picks up when Plonk is busted open by an accidentally exposed turnbuckle. I can’t tell if this was planned, but it really does add a lot to the proceedings. Now Plonk seems like he’s fighting for his life on top of trying to get a championship opportunity.

During his comeback, he hits the Uncorker snapmare driver, but Draper gets a foot on the bottom rope. Draper then bails and takes a swig of Plonk’s wine. Once they get back in the ring and Plonk goes for the Uncorker again, Draper spits the wine in his face and hits the Mile High Doctor Bomb for the win.

I think it still would have been good without the blood, but I can’t deny that the color amplified things.

Winner – Dak Draper, advancing to the finals.

Rating – Good

A video package recaps the Kansas City vs. St Louis Series so far. #FightKC beat #FightSTL in Kansas City, but not in the St. Louis rematch. Jeremy Wyatt beat Skyler Beckett, Blaine Meeks beat Jay Lutz thanks to Dak Draper, and Royal Blood beat The Underground in a no DQ match. STL needs to pick up the pace to avoid being shutout.

The Blood Brothers return to Kansas City. The last time they were here was during the Metro Pro days, and while they started as good guys, they went bad by the end. But they seem to get a decent reception as they come out, though the crowd soon chants for Royal Blood. Davey Gibson says he understands, since they’re representing St. Louis in enemy territory, but he admits that KC has been good to he and Mat. He thanks the fans for their support as they’ve travelled all over. But the thing that irks them is that the Royal Blood think they’re the best. He says he and Mat are there to prove that the Blood Brothers are better. He calls the Royals “kids” and says they aren’t on the Blood Brothers’ level. Mathew Grundy grunts, “Yeah.”

KC vs. STL Series: The Royal Blood (Jet & Jax) vs. The Blood Brothers (Davey Gibson & Mathew Grundy)

Kansas City lead the series 4-1. The announcers have taken to calling this the “I-70 Series,” but since I started by calling it “KC vs. STL,” I’m just going to hang onto that to keep consistency.

And finally, the match we knew would come. It’s the Battle of the Bloods!

This one’s long, but in a good way, and it features two hot tags and several false finishes. Being the more experienced team and the de facto heels, the Blood Brothers dominate much of it. They do heel it up a bit, especially Grundy when he’s on the apron and jarring with the crowd. There’s a lot of feeling out at the beginning, and then Grundy and one of the Royals compete to see who can enter the ring in the flashiest manner.

The Blood Brothers are confident throughout. The Royal Blood keep up with them for the most part, though one can still tell which team has been around longer. Surprisingly, there are only one or two dives to the outside. Grundy is saved from taking the pin after the Royals hit the Card Cutter. The Brothers do this weird double team Diamond Dust/powerbomb/neckbreaker thing that doesn’t look right. Thankfully, it doesn’t get the pin. Gibson takes the Twin Magic, but the one Royal doesn’t get all of the moonsault. The Brothers’ double knee/superbomb combo is thwarted, and Gibson takes a Frankensteiner for a close fall. The Royals go up for their super finisher, but Gibson avoids the 450 and Grundy pushes the other Royal off onto the entrance ramp. An elevated Blockbuster can’t get the win for the Brothers, and their confidence is briefly shaken. But then they hit a running knee/brainbuster on the knee combo to end it.

There will be more of these. And they will get even better. Count on it.

Winners – The Blood Brothers (KC 4-2 STL)

Rating – Good

YouTube Exclusives

Dak Draper is offended by Blaine Meeks thinking he’s his friend. He says Meeks lives in a fantasy world because he can’t cope with the real one. Shame on him.

Niles Plonk is punchdrunk and thinks he won the match and showed more dignity than Kansas City ever has. Marti takes back every nice thing she’s ever said about him.

The Royal Blood are a bit depressed after their first loss in Kansas City and admit that the Blood Brothers were the better team. They say they’ll be back.

Overall: Good. Not quite as compelling from a storyline standpoint as the last show, but two very nice matches make up for it. We’re finally set for the inevitable showdown between Meeks and Draper. Will Meeks wise up to the fact that Draper hates him, and will that change his attitude at all? And what might trigger Meeks’s burgeoning aggressive side? Meanwhile, the Battle of the Bloods has happened, and experience prevailed over youth. How will the Royal Blood handle the loss, and how much will they have to progress before they meet the Blood Brothers again? This is an exciting time for the NWL, and I hope they can keep it up.


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