NWL STL: Davey Gibson vs. Arik Cannon (March 9, 2017)

Is this the match that finally got the NWL on Cagematch.net?

I was wondering if or when it would happen, and NWL STL is the first to make it so: A recognizable name has come to the NWL as a special attraction without a gimmick change. Arik Cannon has wrestled for several promotions across the U.S. and Canada for a long time, and he just recently (as of this writing) appeared as “Bryan Kendrick” for one match against Akira Tozawa in WWE. He’s surely familiar to the St. Louis fans from his time in St. Louis Anarchy. I’m personally a fan of his tag team with Darin Corbin.

This match is what I expected it to be – a little lengthy with some chain wrestling at the front, followed by lots of fluid strikes and a number of crowd-pleasing moves. They don’t go heavily into the stiff, dangerous style that both guys sometimes like to do, and for that, I’m thankful. Both of them are babyfaces in the match, so there isn’t a heel heat segment or an abundance of hate-filled interactions, but they keep it competitive and entertaining in its own little bubble.

Gibson kicks out of a very speedy variation of Total Anarchy, Cannon’s draping swinging neckbreaker finisher. I think this instance may be the best application of that move I’ve ever seen; I’m almost sad it didn’t get the win. They go back and forth with a couple things. Cannon catches Gibson going up for a double stomp, but Gibson takes him down with a sunset flip powerbomb and climbs back up. He hits the double stomp to put Cannon away.

Winner – Davey Gibson

Rating – Good

I think this was about as good as these two can get without a heel/face dynamic and/or some sort of stakes involved. Don’t expect a lot of selling, though.

P.S., Hooray for Cagematch.net for finally adding the National Wrasslin’ League and updating all the wrestlers’ names!


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