Metro Pro: Jeremy Wyatt vs. Kyle O’Reilly (April 13, 2013)

A look back at the Violent Artist’s first trip to Kansas City.

Wyatt is defending his Metro Pro Wrestling Championship. This is during his lengthy babyface run on top. O’Reilly is on his first run as a Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion with Bobby Fish, but he doesn’t have the belt with him.

Before the match, Midnight Guthrie interviews O’Reilly backstage, asking him why he attacked Wyatt during a tag match (earlier in the show, but aired on a previous episode). O’Reilly says he just had to make a point to let everyone know he’s arrived. He says he’s seen footage of Wyatt, and it’s pretty impressive what he’s done on his “Indy World Tour,” but he’s never faced anyone like Kyle O’Reilly. He puts over his own striking, submission skills, and good looks, and says that the fans will see a new champion tonight. Then we get highlights of Wyatt beating TJ Perkins and Adam Pearce before getting to the match itself.

This is a solid match overall. They start with chain wrestling and come off even. They compete for crowd cheers, and Wyatt wins, of course. They end up outside, and Wyatt takes over after KOR chops the ringpost. Wyatt only briefly targets the hand. A fan is allowed to hold KOR while he’s chopped. O’Reilly puts in a couple animated bumps to make Wyatt look good. As soon as they get back in the ring, KOR dropkicks Wyatt coming off the top and gains the advantage for a while. He works Wyatt’s ribs with ab stretches and knees while making wild facial expressions at the crowd.

When the referee catches KOR grabbing the ropes, Wyatt takes the opportunity to free himself with a hip toss. Everything that happens before this point, while solid, serves little purpose from here on out. Wyatt doesn’t sell his ribs, just general exhaustion. O’Reilly doesn’t go for submissions anymore. Both guys just try to beat each other down, and they do it pretty well.

KOR throws the kicks. Wyatt hits a nice missile dropkick and shows off some of his deceptive agility. Nice Blue Thunder Driver by Wyatt, backdrop by KOR, they have a kick duel and a forearm battle. They tease an apron piledriver, but O’Reilly blocks it. Wyatt throws him with a belly-to-belly from the top. Wyatt kicks out of a brainbuster and a cradle back suplex (after a super back suplex). O’Reilly tries three times to choke Wyatt out with a guillotine choke, but Wyatt reverses the last into a fisherman’s buster. Then he turns the Violent Artist into a crossface and forces the submission expert to tap.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – Good

All the stuff before the hip toss is good but doesn’t go anywhere. All the stuff after the hip toss is really good and builds to the finish. O’Reilly had his working boots on and definitely did not mail it in despite the relative obscurity of the promotion he was wrestling for. Wyatt looked very strong, as usual, and while he would go on to lose to O’Reilly in a St. Louis Anarchy match, that didn’t have any bearing on his Metro Pro storyline.

Tomorrow (April 1, 2017), Wyatt and O’Reilly will face off again for NWL KC, but the dynamics will be switched, with Wyatt being the bad guy. I like him better in that role, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.


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