NWL KC: Ray Briggs vs. Gil Rogers (March 18, 2017)

Somebody’s “0” has got to go…right?

Neither man has notched a victory in the NWL yet. Before the match, Ray Briggs and Gil Rogers are sitting together in the back. Gil says that Ray is his best friend in the NWL, but he’s gotta get a win, so he’s gonna bring everything he’s got. Briggs says he appreciates that, but he’s got a wife and kid, and he can’t stand to tell his daughter he lost again. They shake hands and wish each other good luck. I thought it was a decent idea, but neither of them sounded very natural as they spoke.

Scott “Christopher Fulton” Bowden has been replaced by Ryan McGillicuddy (Chris Gough) on commentary.

Briggs and Rogers trade basic holds for a bit and shake hands three different times. Gil gets a little bit of an advantage, but it’s actually fairly even for most of the match. Neither guy does anything more complicated than a dropkick (which they both do). Rogers is always solid, and Briggs looks to be getting more comfortable in the ring.

Briggs calls for the Pick 6, but as expected, Devlin saunters out onto the stage. (Briggs really should be expecting this by now, and the fact that he doesn’t kind of makes him look foolish.) He leads Briggs in a chase around the ring, but Rogers comes out to help, and they corner Devlin. Suddenly, a video of Devlin comes on screen, and he tells the “losers” to watch the count out. They try to get back in the ring, but they don’t make it in time.

Winner – None. Double countout

Rating – OK

Roscoe Leech comes out and propositions both guys, asking if they’re reading to get some W’s. Rogers says it’s a terrible time for this and vows to do things on his own, the “Gil Rogers way.” Leech says he think they’ll be talking again real soon. (I think Rogers is much better on the mic when he’s in front of the crowd.)

Then he tells Briggs he can turn him into the next “LeBron Jordan.” He puts over how he sent Buddy Shepherd packing, which even McGillicuddy approves of. He asks Briggs if he’s ready to join him, and after briefly milking it, Briggs says, “Yeah.” Leech says they’re locking it down and takes Briggs off to fill out paperwork.

Good stuff for a mid-card angle.

YouTube Exclusives

Briggs and Rogers are frustrated about Devlin, but Briggs is optimistic now that he’s part of the Leech Talent Agency. Leech still thinks Rogers should join, but Rogers plugs his merch and says all he needs are that and the fans. Leech says he’ll help get Briggs to where he should be in wrestling.

Rogers is interrupted by Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez (in a barely PG-13 top), who says he should give her a call.

Rodriguez and Marti Bell speak a lot of Spanish with a little bit of English mixed in. Something about looking for talent.


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