NWL KC: Scott Slade vs. Jeremy Wyatt vs. Thor Theriot (March 18, 2017)


Hey, Thor, where’d you go?

Backstory: Jeremy Wyatt beat Thor Theriot in a regular singles match, but then Thor got the win when they had a rematch in the KC title tournament. Michael Strider, Wyatt’s manager, cost Thor his next tournament match, so Thor attacked Wyatt during Wyatt’s match with Scott Slade. Slade was upset with the interference, so he got Major Baisden to make this three-way.

Pretty good triple threat here, but if you don’t like that stipulation, I doubt this will be the one to change your mind. It starts with Wyatt being cocky and getting attacked by both opponents. Then Thor and Slade turn their attentions to each other and kind of keep knocking Wyatt outside. It’s common in triple threats to have one guy outside selling while the other two fight. Slade does this briefly, but Thor wins the award for longest breather in the middle when Slade and Wyatt pretty much have a mini singles match.

Once Thor comes back in, things get fun. They string a lot of things together. Thor hits a Swanton on Slade but immediately gets hit with a flying elbow drop by Wyatt. There’s a particularly good sequence that ends with Thor getting a half-and-half suplex from Slade after a pump kick from Wyatt. They also do the old sunset flip German suplex bit (color commentator Ryan McGillicuddy: “I’ve never seen that before.” Me: “You mean in the last 24 hours?”)

Thor plants Wyatt with a spinning Blue Thunder Driver (noticeably repositioning himself for the pin) but gets yanked out of the ring by Michael Strider. There’s no DQs in triple threats, but the referee tells Strider to get out of here. Strider makes a fuss while Slade hits a Vintage Orton, so there’s no one to count the fall. Thor jumps Strider and brawls with him to the back. The ref follows, allowing Wyatt to hit a low blow on Slade followed by a Lightning Spiral to get the pin.

(Elephant in the room: If we just established that there’s no disqualifications, why did Wyatt need to wait for the ref to be away before hitting the low blow?)

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – Good

YouTube Exclusives

Thor is sick of Wyatt and Strider’s games, so he’s going to take control and it’ll be on their heads. Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez pops in to say he should give her a call.

Wyatt takes exception to Marti Bell saying his win wasn’t honorable, since it was a glorified handicapped match. Strider claims the NWL is conspiring against Wyatt and says that he and Wyatt are the foundation of wrestling in KC. Wyatt says they still have an ace up their sleeve.


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