NWL KC: Ken Dharma vs. Thor Theriot (April 1, 2017)

Slippery little bugger.

I’ve always liked Mike Sydal, but I used to have trouble getting into his matches. It used to seem like all he did was a standing moonsault, a moonsault with a yoga mat, and some body contortion. But since becoming Ken Dharma, he’s really won me over. This match suits his strengths perfectly. The way he slips and slithers through the ropes and around the ring is an impressive display of his flexibility and adds to his smarmy, “I’m better than you because I do yoga” personality. He stretches his leg out before a leg drop. His superkick has such a long range. And he’s fairly light, making it easy for Thor to throw him around with suplexes.

Thor looks to have the technical advantage early on, until Dharma suckers him into a false sense of security by begging off, then attacks. He gets heat on Thor but gets frustrated when he can’t put him away. Then he gets caught with a couple suplexes. He and Thor go back and forth. Thor plants him with a slingshot Falcon Arrow (that ends up looking more like a gourdbuster). Thor is bleeding from the nose and the bandage on his head is coming off. Dharma hits a Final Cut with his leg. Thor dodges some move out of a headstand but gets hit with a superkick. Thor then catches Dharma off a springboard and turns it into the Ragnarök gutbuster for the pin.

Winner – Thor Theriot

Rating – Good

Both guys looked strong here, I thought.



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