NWL KC: The Swoll Patrol (Max Edwards and Flex Zerba) vs. The End (Luke Holiday and Kyle Mars) (April 1, 2017)

Poisonous protein powder.

Christopher Fulton is back on commentary after two matches away.

Solid tag match that seems to serve as the beginning of a new feud. Mars (I think that’s the long-haired one) and Edwards get heated early on and tensions flare. After both teams do some double teaming, the Swoll Patrol get heat on Mars after cheating-but-not-cheating. They do some workout-inspired taunting moves and pound on him. Mars crawls through Zerba’s legs to make the hot tag, and Holiday comes in with the fiery comeback. The End team up for some double team combos and look to finish Edwards off with something big, but Zerba pulls Mars out of the ring. Edwards distracts the ref as Holiday goes after Zerba, and Zerba throws protein powder into his face. Zerba comes in and hits an Air Raid Crash with some assist from Edwards, then gets the pin while doing push-ups.

Winners – The Swoll Patrol

Rating – Good

YouTube Exclusives

After Marti convinces The End that it’s safe to remove their gas masks, they announce that Holiday didn’t contract anthrax from the powder. They give the Swoll Patrol a couppe “survival tips” and say they’ll be ready for the rematch. The Swoll Patrol then jump them and hit Mars in the gut with a kettlebell. This will likely air again on the TV show.


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