NWL KC Episode 13 Review

We’ve got to get better security around here.

Taped on April 1, 2017

The Howletts Arrive

Marco and Leonel come out to say that even though they’re not booked, they’re still in a good mood because of what the did to Red Cloud. Leonel says that Major Baisden is going to have to watch his precious “Kansas City territory” burn. They play the footage from last time where they put Red Cloud through a table and cut off a big chunk of his beard. While they’re laughing about it, out come two guys in orange STAFF shirts with their wrists taped. They don’t get the microphone, but the commentators tell us that they’re a couple of security guys the Howletts beat up during that whole fracas. They seem to want a match so they can get revenge, but Leonel says that they don’t deserve to face the best tag team in the NWL. However, Leonel offers to take them both on by himself.

Leonel Howlett w/ Marco Howlett vs. Bradley & Shane

Shane takes Leonel down right away, and then the security guys suplex him and hit a hip toss. After that, it’s all Leonel. He beats up Shane (putting him in what I think is an unnecessary chinlock) for a bit, then beats up Bradley when he tags in. Marco slides a chain in, and the referee takes it and goes to yell at him. While he’s distracted, Leonel hits both guys with a pipe to get the double pin. Short squash that shouldn’t have had a chinlock in it, IMO. He’s trying to beat these guys up, not wear them down, right?

Winner – Leonel Howlett

Rating – OK

The Tasting Room with Niles Plonk

Plonk comes out with Belvedere, and there’s a leather sofa and a side table in the ring. Plonk is upset with Belvedere for taking too long to bring him the microphone. He talks about how his show will bring sophistication and class, and he puts over his signature wine. Then he brings out his first guest, Chad Barstow.

Plonk asks Barstow how he got so many followers on social media. Barstow attributes it to his good looks and shifts it toward saying that Kansas Citians need plastic surgery. When Plonk asks what KC needs to do to become more popular, he suggests flying in people from another state. Barstow claims he has more followers than several celebrities, including the president. As he gets into the nuts and bolts of social media statistics, Roscoe Leech‘s music hits.

Leech gets a good reaction from the fans. He says that according to the “Twitterbox,” “Chad Barstool” has a lot of people following him around. He suggests that joining the Leech Talent Agency could help get rid of them. Barstow says the only person following him is Leech, and he already turned him down before. Leech proposes a match between Barstow and Leech’s only top client, Ray Briggs. Even though Barstow has already beaten him, Briggs is with the LTA now, so this match might show Barstow what he’s missing. Barstow says it sounds like a handicapped match, and Leech is the handicap, so he accepts. Leech says that went really well.

Plonk then closes The Tasting Room while getting a dig in on the ring announcer, Don Diablo.

KC vs. STL Series: “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt w/ Michael Strider vs. “The Violent Artist” Kyle O’Reilly

KC lead the series 4-3.

O’Reilly actually gets boos just for representing St. Louis, even though he’s up against one of the biggest heels in KC. Both guys get chants during the match, however.

It’s a long one, as expected. They’re fairly even at first, but then O’Reilly takes over and dominates in a similar way to how he did during the heat segment of their Metro Pro match. Strider gets involved to allow Wyatt his turn. O’Reilly gets his second wind and locks in a guillotine choke. Wyatt seems to have passed out, but right as his arm drops for the third time, Strider yells and distracts the always-gullible ref. He gets a kick to the face for it, but he saved his man. Wyatt kicks out of the brainbuster, and O’Reilly kicks out of the Lightning Spiral. O’Reilly counters a piledriver attempt into an armbar, but Wyatt gets leverage and rolls him up. He’s tapping out as the referee counts to three, so Wyatt officially wins, but it looks like O’Reilly actually beat him twice.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt (KC 5-3 STL)

Rating – OK

Thor Theriot appears on the stage to kick Strider. He chases Wyatt back into the ring. O’Reilly puts Wyatt in a sleeper, then feeds him to Thor for the Ragnarök gutbuster. O’Reilly and Thor have a staredown and shake hands.

YouTube Exclusives

Marti thinks Wyatt got a little bit of karma. Wyatt challenges Thor to one more match at the next show.

Thor says he’s had plenty of bad days thanks to Wyatt and Strider, so tonight, he gave them a bad day. He accepts Wyatt’s challenge.

Overall: OK. The Howletts are in a holding pattern until Red Cloud comes for revenge. The Tasting Room was decent, but I hope we get a flipped couch in the future. The main event was the kind of match that a lot of indy fans may like but doesn’t do a lot for me. Maybe I’ll have a different opinion if I rewatch it on another day, but I really don’t think anything here is must-see.


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