NWL KC: Royal Blood vs. The Connoisseurs (Niles Plonk and Belvedere) (April 1, 2017)

Butlers have it rough.

This is Belvedere’s in-ring debut for the NWL. Also, it looks like Ryan McGillicuddy is going to be the regular color commentator for “WEB EXCLUSIVE” matches.

Belvedere wants to impress his master, but he just can’t be good enough for him. He tries to do Plonk’s spinning elbow but gets rolled up instead. Plonk actually kicks him to put him down so he can jump off of him for the grape stomp, really treating him like a slave. The Royals get too caught up in thwarting outside interference, leading to Plonk taking advantage and getting the heat. Unfortunately for him, that can only last so long when your partner isn’t on your level.

Plonk gets spiked with a DDT, leading to tags on both sides, and of course, Belvedere can’t keep up with either Royal. Plonk saves him from getting pinned after a blockbuster, but after leading both heels in a wacky chase, the Royals squash Belvedere with an assisted moonsault. Plonk saves him again, but then ends up running into him in the corner. They both get put down when they’re whipped into each other, and the Royals end it with a 450 and a shooting star press on Belvedere.

Winners – Royal Blood

Rating – Good

Very solid, it’s an easy watch, and it develops the relationship between Belvedere and Plonk.

YouTube Exclusives

Royal Blood say that their bounce back game is strong. They’re impressed by the NWL tag team division, but they’re still not done with the Howletts. (I wasn’t a fan of the Royals on the mic before, but I think they’re really improving!)

Plonk blames the loss on Belvedere and won’t let him be interviewed. He calls Marti “unclassy.”


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